White On Labor Day


It’s been out there for a few years now, but I’m all on board with tossing out the rule book and embracing white past Labor Day! It seems so silly when you really think about it. Why get rid of a main staple neutral for half of the year. My wardrobe is not big enough to just pack away a favorite color for half a year!

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some things to do that can help transition it throughout the seasons though. Pairing white & gray is personally my favorite way to tone down white a bit without losing the color & brightness.

I’ve also noticed that the bags I’ve been carrying around are getting bigger & bigger…like I’ve reached full tote status to make sure there’s room for everything­čśé But so much of my day revolves around my laptop, plus a camera just in case, and then a planner to keep everything organized….before you know it my bag is just a mobile work station. Coral’s been a favored color of mine all summer which means this tote specifically has gotten it’s use. Unfortunately it’s not online but I’ve linked a few similar!



Since today’s a holiday at the end of a long weekend, we’re still going on a BUNCH of projects around the house. I’ve talked a bit about rebuilding our deck & we finally finished that on Saturday!!(In between college football games of course) There’s not a better feeling than that last finishing touch of a huge project. And the relief of having a deck that’s not crumbling is very nice LOL. Let me know in the comments what your plans for the weekend were! I’m feeling major wanderlust lately so I need to live vicariously through you all ­čÖé



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