Weekend gRound Up 10/26/19

~Weekend gRound Up 10/26/19~

I have been waiting MONTHS to finally be able to tell you guys about my big news, I’m building a house! It’s been a veryy long process just to get to breaking ground but I am very excited to share so much more as it’s actually being built. Then all the decorating and room tours😀😀

Also, I’m adding in an Instagram Recap section into the gRound Up. I think I like that better than occasionally doing an entire post dedicated to it. As always, it’s about what you guys want & find helpful so let me know in the comments if you have a preference! And let me know if you have any ideas for different sections!(would a weekend sales be a good addition??)

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Mug Of The Week:

Top 10:

    1. I turned the dining room of my rental house into a gym lol
    2. Are we ready for The Rise of Skywalker?!?!
    3. A really great look at the impact of the glitter beauty trend on the environment
    4. My favorite beauty youtuber started her own brand!! Check out the gorgeous first pallet from Tati Beauty.
    5. Could a Ski Hill, a Theme Park and 40 Water Slides Save the American Mall?
    6. What is ‘Undertourism‘ and why we should be embracing it
    7. Season 3 of The Crown is almost here!!
    8. A deep dive into what Kevin Feige’s promotion means for the entire Marvel business, especially the people who are losing power because of him.
    9. 3 Things You Forgot in Your Travel Budget
    10. What’s going on in the Astro’s front office is probably part of their culture


    Movies/TV Watched:

    Bad Times At The El Royale: When I first heard about this movie I figured the cast alone would make me want to see it. Then I saw it described as Agatha Christie meets Quentin Tarantino(no, it’s not directed by him) and I was IN. The first 30 minutes or so I wasn’t really sure where it was headed but by the end I was completely enthralled. It’s weird but in a very good way.

    Shazam!: Zachary Levi is the perfect choice to pull off the main character. If you want a very light-hearted surface level superhero movie than Shazam! is for you. I wasn’t super into it though.

    Christopher Robin: The absolute CUTEST!! I still can’t believe just how perfectly they captured the spirit of Winnie The Pooh & all the characters. I’m a sucker for well done nostalgia(I went to Toy Story 3 on my 18th birthday and cried lol) and this movie was just perfect. Especially watching it with my parents. Although it’s been a few days now and my mom is still laughing at “Oh sure, sacrifice the donkey”. If you grew up with Pooh this is a must watch!


    Instagram Recap:

    I’ve had these Adidas sneakers saved in my favorites on the DSW website for MONTHS. Then I found them in the clearance section this week and figured it was a sign😉


    Tina may not quite understand that the yoga mat has a purpose other than to be a place she gets cuddles….at least my new ‘New Balance’ Cross Trainers are insanely comfortable for both working out and inevitably giving her attention. (I blogged about these shoes if you want more info!)


    I’ve been unbelievably reliant on these JBU boots all Summer as the pups and I have been adventuring around the property waiting to break ground on my new house. Now that the temperature is dropping I’m also very grateful for super warm Sherpa pullovers too!


    What I’m Listening To:



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