Weekend gRound Up 7/27/19

~Weekend gRound Up 7/27/19~

We had incredible sunny weather all week except for one single night when we were hit by a THUNDERSTORM. All caps for a reason.
It was easily tracked though so the everyone knew it was coming, but now we live somewhere where wildfires are a major factor and lightning can be a big risk. So we watched in fascination of warning after warning coming in and work being done all over the city to prepare. Normally we just see it forecasted, plug in our phones, and move on lol.
Because it was going to be over night we got the pups settled in the bedroom a little early and figured Tina would sleep through it all and Corey would need some attention. Then Corey slept and Tina spent the night getting cuddles. Why do we even bother planning for anything🙃
Those of who follow me on Instagram hopefully saw my stories of just how crazy the storm ended up being! I spent an embarrassingly long time just staying up and watching it out my window…

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Mug Of The Week:


Top 10:

  1. The new park/garden I found in Spokane(aka where the pic at the top was taken!)
  2. The new Of Monsters And Men album is finally out!!!
  3. Rooting for a Mike Leach led team is just an endless stream of entertainment
  4. This week’s Friday 5:Backpacks
  5. 7 Things to Do With Your Money Before You Turn 30
  6. Nomadic Matt has a new book out- Ten Years A Nomad
  7. The #Nsale Sock booties I’m OBSESSED with(for under $75)
  8. This article about freelancing that went viral is both very interesting & very important!
  9. Women Take the Helm on Cruise Ships
  10. An incredible look at how & why a lot of the very first ‘youtubers’ have walked away

Movies Watched:

I went on a bit of a movie binge this week because I’ve been trying to use less internet data until the end of the month…..I usually stream in the background though while working or doing other things so I needed mindless things that didn’t require much attention. Basically I watched a lot of bad movies this week🙃 so let’s do a quick run down & if bad movies are your thing than this is for you & probably only you😂
~Office Christmas Party: Sorta funny but not that great, especially with the cast! I think my expectations were too high but you don’t pull together that cast and them give them a disappointing script!
~Neighbors 2: Terrible. That’s just it.
~Ralph Breaks The Internet: The PRIME example of why it’s such a bad idea to rush out a sequel just for the sake of making money. Ugh. I had to go re-watch the first one to remind myself why I loved it.
~The Lego Movie 2- The Second Part: While not as good as the first movie, I actually did enjoy this one. It was cute & funny, and way better in the second half! But also I watched it with my parents and as soon as it ended my mom said “well that was awful” so proceed at your own risk I guess😂

What I’m Listening To:

I’ve been waiting for this album for soo long!!



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