Weekend gRound Up 7/20/19

Weekend gRound Up 7-20-19

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, recently saw a new sunglasses brand I found & LOVE!! A pair of glasses was #gifted to me just for an insta post but I’m seriously SO happy with the product that I wanted to mention it here too! For all of the info make sure to find the above picture in my feed, or you can just go straight to the Don Rebel website. Plus, you can use the code Alison25 for 25% off!

Okay so the big talk all week & weekend has obviously been about SDCC. I’ve never been to ComicCon but I do get really excited for all the news that comes out! This year there have been SO MANY trailer releases that this week’s Top 10 is just all of those. Personally I’m most excited for Top Gun: Maverick, and least excited for the seemingly nightmare-inducing Cats.

A cool thing too is that a few of the trailer releases are projects that I’ve talked about #ontheblog before! One of my favorite posts to do every year are the books being made into tv & movies. And this year I had to separate them into two posts because there are just too many good adaptations being done. Both of these posts have been updated with newest release dates, links to trailers, and links to the ones that have already come out!

10 Books To Read Before The Movie Is Released: 2019
9 Books To Read Before The TV Show Premieres: 2019

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase any of the products I may receive monetary compensation at NO extra cost to you! Thank you for your support of Carefree & Coffee 🙂

Mug Of The Week:

Not everything is sold out at the #NSale ……yet🤦

Top 10:

  1. IT Chapter Two
  2. Top Gun: Maverick
  3. The Red Sea Diving Resort
  4. The King’s Man
  5. His Dark Materials: Season 1
  6. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
  7. The Witcher
  8. Hustlers
  9. Terminator: Dark Fate
  10. CATS (I’m sorry but if I had to watch this & be scarred by it so do you.)

Recommended Book:

Yeah just re-read the first section😂😂

Movies/TV Watched:

Thanks to Amazon Prime Day I finally got Mission Impossible: Fallout on dvd! and then watched it literally as soon as it was delivered. I have a major thing for action movies and the whole Mission Impossible series gets watched over & over again in my house.

This kind of goes along with the comic con theme of the weekend, Shazam! was released. So if you haven’t had enough of a Superhero fix this year, you can now watch this at home.

Also, Veronica Mars released it’s new season on Hulu a week early. Now I have not personally seen any of the show but my mom watched all of it and has been talking & waiting & talking even more about the new season so Veronica Mars has her seal of approval and I don’t think I’ll be seeing her this weekend…

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  1. I LOVE that shirt!

    Published 7.22.19
    • Alison wrote:

      Isn’t it SO cute!! I got it a few years ago at Express and still wear it all the time!

      Published 7.25.19