Weekend gRound Up 6/8/19

~Weekend gRound Up 6/8/19~


Did you pay attention to the MLB Draft this week?? Probably not lol it’s like the least interesting draft of all the Big Four professional leagues, but also I love baseball to the point of genuinely being interest in the picks. so. I’ll just be on my own on this one😂 I know it’s not what you’re here for!

Usually I put these posts together Friday night so that I have a good selection of recent articles and links to any of the music or movies that have been released, but I’ll be spending this weekend at a family wedding! So I’m writing all of this early and I’ll sneak the links in when I have a moment.

Should we get to the good stuff then?

Mug Of The Week:


Top 10:

  1. Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019
  2. 11 Little Ways to Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together
  3. Down Goes ‘Jeopardy!’ James!
  4. Every Fashion Trend Rachel Green Would Wear in 2019
  5. After His Death, Friends Work to Keep Avicii’s Legacy Alive
  6. If Seeing the World Helps Ruin It, Should We Stay Home?
  7. My favorite baseball article every week: Useless Info Dept.
  8. Fly through the Toronto airport & you might see NBA players
  9. Are All Foldable Phones Destined to Fail?
  10. Travel Face Masks That Won’t Scare The Other Passengers

Recommended Book:

The third season of The Handmaid’s Tale was released on Hulu this week. Now I haven’t watched any of the show YET, because I of course wanted to read the book first! I finished it a few weeks ago so I’ll start the show soon and maybe I’ll be caught up in time if there’s a season 4 lol

Kindle // Paperback

Movies/TV Watched:

When the very first trailer for Secret Life of Pets came out I thought it was like the cutest thing EVER and sent it to all of my friends, family, acquaintances…luckily the movie was a total hit and I was not just vindicate but THANKED for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Your welcome. The sequel was released in the theater this weekend so fingers crossed it’s just as good!!

What I’m Listening To:



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