Weekend gRound Up 6/22/19

~Weekend gRound Up 6/22/19~

I should have known I was setting myself up for disappointment as I talked about how happy I was with the weather lately. The Romper Roundup was probably what pushed it over the edge and sent all the rain we got this week🙃

Oh no wait!!! It was DEFINITELY because we finally got the pups in for baths. I love them all fluffy and clean but they are not fans lol Corey always gets home and rolls around on all of his blankets. I had to barricade them inside so they wouldn’t go roll in the mud! If I can keep them clean through the weekend its a total win.

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Mug Of The Week:


Top 10:

  1. 7 Romper Trends For The Summer
  2. I love this new trend of boutique fitness centers banding together in malls
  3. An island in Norway wants to get rid of time??
  4. Tampa and Montreal sharing a baseball team is one of the craziest ideas sports has ever had
  5. The Double Duty Backpack I am currently obsessed with
  6. How to get the most out of farmer’s markets
  7. Being a female sports fan is hard, women’s soccer is making it better
  8. Toy Story 4 is out!! (spoilers)
  9. Next time you go on a trip, pick a treehouse!
  10. 10 Ways To Style a Striped T-Shirt

Movies/TV Of The Week:

I haven’t seen it yet, mostly because I can barely handle scary movies of any kind & definitely not in a theater, but US was released on DVD this week and I am excited for the nightmares watching it is going to bring.

In happier news, Toy Story 4 was released!! I saw Toy Story 3 in the drive in theater with my besties for my 18th birthday. I cried, it was awesome. I’m the perfect age to truly relate to the series and I know this one is going to wreck me. Plus the trailers already have me fully in love with Forky.
Toy Story 1 // Toy Story 2 // Box Set 1-3

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  1. Michelle wrote:

    Love that romper! I’m all about rompers this summer.

    Published 6.28.19
    • Alison wrote:

      Rompers are definitely my go-to Summer outfit!

      Published 6.29.19