Weekend gRound Up 6/1/19

~Weekend gRound Up 6/1/19~

Iced coffee, big movie releases, the sun’s out: must be Summer! Don’t give me any of that first day isn’t technically until the 21st nonsense. Summer is a state of mind & it’s the BEST time of year!!

Unfortunately I’ve got a big project due soon so my weekend will be spent inside staring at computer screens. Make sure you go play in the sun for me until it’s my turn okay?! That’s what my dogs will be doing instead of curling up in the office to hang out with me like they used to😔


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Mug Of The Week:


Top 10:

  1. Cute sunglasses are a must this time of year
  2. 6 Steps the Travel Industry Can Take Right Now to Start Changing the Landscape for Women
  3. If you sunburn, is putting makeup on going to help or hurt?
  4. I already found a favorite farmer’s market in Spokane!
  5. How to Handle Rejection in Life, According to Successful Women
  6. ‘It Was Like a Zoo’: Death on an Unruly, Overcrowded Everest
  7. I ALWAYS need to have music on when I work, but are productivity playlists really a thing?
  8. It’s time to increase netting at all the major league baseball fields
  9. I really want to try this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread recipe
  10. Sometimes you just need a casual outfit for a casual day

Recommended Book/TV:

We’re combining these categories this time because we’ve got a BIG weekend coming up! Two of my most popular posts this year have been my 9 Books To Read Before The TV Show Premieres and 10 Books To Read Before The Movie Is Released.

Well, if you haven’t been reading you better get to it because a bunch are here!

Good Omens, the story of an angel & demon working together to stop the apocalypse, is now on Amazon Prime. Honestly I’ve had it on my calendar the second I saw the cast with David Tennant, Martin Sheen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jon Hamm….it goes on but wow! I plan on binging this during the week.

Also, NOS4A2 premieres Sunday on AMC! The book was written by Stephen King’s son👀 and the show stars Zachary Quinto.

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