Weekend gRound Up 5/25/19

~Weekend gRound Up 5/25/19~

The day the mover’s came to pack up our old house we took the dogs down to a pet hotel for the day. It’s the same place we’d used ever since we got our very first dog 12+ years ago. The people who worked their got to know our dogs well, and loved them oh so much. They grieved with us when we lost Mac, and welcomed Tina with open arms when she joined the family. There was comfort whenever we had to leave them because we knew they were comfortable and happy and taken care of.

But when we picked them up to officially leave for Spokane, we forgot to pick up the blanket they always took with them. It wasn’t that special, just a simple fleece blanket, but it was very much Corey’s and we were on our way to the other side of the state before we realized it. And then we forgot about it again in the stress of getting settled and used to a whole new place.

Fast forward about 6 weeks and we FINALLY remembered this blanket. So this past Thursday I was back in the Seattle area and went to check if they still had it. Literally as soon as I got *forgot blanket* out they immediately jumped on it. “Oh Tina & Corey, of course we still have it”. Pulled it right out from under the front desk where they’d stashed it just in case.

I’m grateful for people and moments like that where not only am I reminded of how good & loved my pups are😊 It’s also a reminder of how settled and entrenched in a community you can be after living somewhere for over two decades. I can’t wait to find new places and feel that way about Spokane!


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Movies/TV Watched:

I had no interest when they first How To Train Your Dragon movie came out. I’m not even sure when it was. But then my dad caught it on TV, told me I had to watch it, and I was hooked. They’re cute and fun and different. All the things that make for an enjoyable & easy watch. I went to see the third one in the theater (we had open houses all day so I was essentially kicked out of my home that weekend😂) I’m so glad I did though!! The story was just as good as the first one, but the visuals were AMAZING!! All three movies are so worth a watch. Plus Toothless is like the best character ever

How To Train Your Dragon // How To Train Your Dragon 2 // How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
or get all 3 in a collection!


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