Weekend gRound Up 3/7/20

~Weekend gRound Up 3/7/20~

Last week I was accepted into the Amazon Influencer program which is AWESOME because it now means I’ve got my own storefront!!


This is an Amazon page directly created, organized, and updated by me. Many of my links here on Carefree & Coffee are from Amazon already, so this is going to be a great to way to see all of my picks and favorites in one easy place.

I’m still working out exactly what I’m going to have featured on the shop. If there’s a category you’d like to see PLEASE let me know!! I’ll happily add anything you guys want or would find helpful.

Right now I’ve got some basics up. Including movies I’ve got my eye on, a miscellaneous collection of what I’ve been ordering/using this Spring, EVERYTHING coffee related I love. Plus there’s even a collection with every book from my Books To Screen 2020 post all in one place!

I use Amazon all the time, like we all do these days! Having this storefront hopefully combines the best of both worlds where you all can shop conveniently while supporting Carefree & Coffee!

Mug Of The Week:

Top 10:

  1. Target Swimwear Try On
  2. This story about WNBA teams ‘owning’ a writer is both hilarious and a cool look at the success of the league
  3. Do you want to Save or Splurge on shoes this Spring?
  4. How To Start Training For A Race
  5. I think I’m most excited for the new Mango White Claw flavor.
  6. An incredible look at the very first doctors on the Coronavirus front lines.
  7. What We Lose When We Lose Elizabeth Warren
  8. ‘No Time To Die’ has a new release date in November
  9. Women In Sports Are On A High. What’s Next?
  10. New update on my house being built right now!

Screen Time:

What I Watched:
*Knives Out (DVD // Digital) I know, I know it took me FOREVER to finally see this😅. It was just as good as everyone has been raving about though!!! It was easily one of the most enjoyable movie watching experiences I’ve had in a long time and I LOVE that it flipped the typical murder mystery plot.
*The Aeronauts (Amazon Prime Streaming) I was really excited about this, solely because of the cast, unfortunately that was not enough to save it. I found myself bored more than anything🤷

New Releases:
*Onward (Theater)
*The Way Back (Theater)
*Jumanji: The Next Level (Digital)
*Queen & Slim (DVD // Digital)
*Dark Waters (DVD // Digital)

What I’m Listening To:



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