Weekend gRound Up 11/9/19

~Weekend gRound Up 11/9/19~

We’re firmly transitioning past Fall and into Winter weather & vibes up here in the PNW. I broke out the leg warmers, holiday mugs, and blankets this week! The end of baseball season always leaves me wandering around during the days to figure out what the heck to put on tv in the background while I work. I’ve been diving into podcasts and music a lot lately to try to fill that void lol.

I’m not totally sports deprived yet though. College football is in it’s last month so I’ve got Saturday covered. && MOST importantly, the Sounders are in the MLS Cup on Sunday!!

Mug Of The Week:

Top 10:

  1. I’ve got another video up on my new YouTube channel!
  2. How Ugg Finally Got Men Into Its Fuzzy Boots
  3. The Sephora holiday sale is going on!
  4. Where should you travel next year before the crowds discover them
  5. New York City has too many packages being delivered and nowhere to put them
  6. The do-it-all packable throw I’m loving this Winter
  7. The Best Under $10 Wine at Trader Joe’s
  8. Would you try fitness speed dating??
  9. How to watch football like an expert from the comfort of your couch
  10. Niall Horan tour with Lewis Capaldi opening😍😍

Screen Time:

What I Watched:
*Lobby Baby- Seth Meyers has always been a favorite of mine since the Weekend Update & Stefon days of SNL. His new Netflix special is a little more mature, heavily based on his family life these days, and it’s still just as funny.
*Solo– I generally see Star Wars movies in the theater, but passed on this one😬 It’s just awkward and clunky and doesn’t have the same vibe as the rest of the Star Wars world. It’s still worth a watch just for the references and universe building though! Also, I’m absolutely gonna see anything with Paul Bettany in it🤷

New Releases:
*Last Christmas(Theater)- The trailer basically spoiled the ‘twist’ and I’m not really big on Christmas movies so I’m probably going to sit this one out.
*Hobbs & Shaw(DVD)- I haven’t seen any of the Fast & Furious movies but I might actually watch this one
*Ophelia(DVD)- This movie is based off of a book with the INCREDIBLE premise of ~~Hamlet, but from Ophelia’s point of view~~. I actually first mentioned this book/movie on the blog in this post! Even thought the movie got delayed, and delayed, and them quietly released I’m still super excited for it! I guess the Daisy Ridley/Shakespeare niche is for me only lol.


What I’m Listening To:



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