Weekend gRound Up 11/23/19

~Weekend gRound Up 11/23/19~

Today I am headed down to Pullman, WA for the last Cougar home football game of the year! I generally like the system where I house/dog-sit for my parents every home football weekend because I prefer being able to get stuff done or grab my laptop and just keep an eye on all the games throughout the day. Also, the Cougs get a lot of late games and I am infinitely happier watching those indoors with hot chocolate and a fireplace on.

It’s going to be a freezing cold one tonight but I try to make it to one or two games a year and this is the last chance for the season. It’s worth bundling up for one (1) night and I can take a boiling shower when I get home. Or so I’m trying to convince myself.

Mug Of The Week:


Top 10:

  1. I shared a favorite Holiday recipe, and a fuzzy sock tangent, over on Youtube
  2. USA Gymnastics let down so many people and did an unimaginable amount of damage
  3. The Most Affordable Winter Vacations in the U.S
  4. My guide to Black Friday 2019 is up and being regularly updated
  5. 8 Things You Should Know About Email Marketing
  6. The release of Frozen 2 will take Disney over 3 BILLION dollars at the box office this year
  7. The Cozy Gift GuideThe Cozy Gift GuideThe Cozy Gift Guide
  8. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is no more, did Rihanna kill it?
  9. How Camera Brands Are Keeping Pace with Smartphones
  10. No wonder the Astro’s are good LOLšŸ˜¬

Screen Time:

What I Watched:
*Booksmart(Now on Hulu!)
This new trend of coming-of-age female stories, ACTUALLY written & directed by women, has me ALL IN. I loved seeing the praise Booksmart got when it came out but I never had a chance to see it. Now it’s on Hulu so there’s no excuse. Just like Lady Bird last year, it’s so so great that girls are going to get to grow up with these movies. && that us old’s get to experience them now with the knowledge of hindsight.
I was looking for something lighthearted one evening this week and uhhh it was a mistake. Fifteen minutes into the movie I actually pulled up ratings & reviews to see if kids had like it and it just wasn’t for me. But no, everything written about it was bad. I did suffer through the whole thing, it got worse. Please don’t do this to yourself.

New Releases:
*Frozen 2 (Theater)
Elsa is my girl and I will hopefully be seeing this in the next week! I even watched the first Frozen shortly after Disney+ launched in anticipationšŸ˜€
*A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Theater)
While I’m probably going to wait and watch this at home when available, I do have to say that Tom Hanks looks like one of the most perfect casting choices ever made.
*The Crown (Netflix)
I LOVED the first two seasons and will be diving in to season three soon(basically as soon as I finish watching the first season on The Handmaid’s Tale lol). I miss Claire Foy & Matt Smith already!

What I’m Listening To:



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  1. Caroline wrote:

    I started the new season of the Crown this week. I also miss Claire Foy and Matt Smith!


    Published 11.24.19