Weekend gRound Up 11/2/19


~Weekend gRound Up 11/2/19~

November is here!! and I’m a little scared. This is my first Fall & Winter in Spokane, and we just had the coldest October *ever*. It’s a good thing I’ve already fallen in love with the city because this weather is trying it’s best to run me off.

We’re fully entering the holiday season now so keep an eye out for gift guides that will be coming soon! I’ve got a few ideas already planned but if there’s anything you want to see let me know down in the comments. If you don’t want to think about all of that yet, I do not blame you!

Also, the Sephora Holiday sale is starting soon (or now if you’re Rouge) so use this as a time to go through all your makeup and tools!! See what you need to restock, backup, or might want to for Christmas. I use this sale every year to buy a new brush set and then save it until Christmas😀

Mug Of The Week:

Top 10:

  1. I started a YouTube channel!! I’d love if you subscribed😊
  2. The Sounders are headed back to the MLS Championship. How did they pull off the upset?
  3. AND the Nats won the World Series!!
  4. Sweater Dresses Under $75
  5. This is an incredible round table discussion with the top 7 film executives. (streaming vs everyone lol)
  6. How To Avoid The Productivity Trap
  7. Already looking up flights to go the new Kelly Clarkson residency in Vegas next year!
  8. Alzheimer’s runs in my family so I’m always interested in the latest research
  9. How do we feel about Netflix offering sped-up viewing? I don’t think I’m a fan.
  10. 5 Things To Do Before Every Flight


What I’m Watching:

So I mostly watched sports this week…The World Series wrapped up and it was very nice to have a team I actually like win for once. && the Sounders won and are headed to the championship. It probably has some special name but idk it, I only really care about soccer when it comes to the playoffs lol. And we can’t forget the weekend marathons of Football!

Good sport weeks ≠ good movie weeks.

Jack Ryan Season 2 (Amazon Prime)
I love that this dropped a day early because it means I had two days to binge it and actually write about what I thought of it here! Spy/Action thrillers, especially ones based on books, are my weakness. I will watch EVERY SINGLE remake and version of this genre lol but I do genuinely love what they’ve done with this Jack Ryan series.
Now I never watched The Office so I don’t have the same problem other people have with John Krasinski in the role. I think he absolutely NAILS it. This second season has a lot of action, a lot of characters, and enough questions that it took me a while to figure out where it was going. There wasn’t a single episode I found dragging on or acting as ‘filler’. (streaming is so so good at this!!)
If you haven’t watched any of the series yet I highly highly recommend making it your next binge. It’s already been approved for a season 3.


What I’m Listening To:



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