Weekend gRound Up 11/16/19

~Weekend gRound Up 11/16/19~

This week I spent some time planning out content and schedules for the rest of the year. I also used it as a chance to take the time and find out what goes on and what to do during the holidays here in Spokane.

It’ll be our first December here so I really want to go out and see the city during this time of year. The past few years I’ve done absolutely nothing for the holidays, for a variety of reasons, but this year I might actually get back in the spirit of things! At the very least I am trying to not be a grinch😅

Mug Of The Week:

Top 10:

  1. My first gift guide of the season went up!
  2. Sounders win!!!!!!!!
  3. Not entirely sure how I feel about it, but the new Scoob! movie released a trailer.
  4. Which brings up this interesting point-Can YouTube Trailer Views Predict Box Office Openings?
  5. I did a Winter ‘This or That’ on my new YouTube channel!!
  6. Figuring out Winter nail polish colors can be hard
  7. Instagram is hiding likes, and while I think they aren’t being truthful about their real reasons, I also don’t think it’s going to be a big deal
  8. Showing how to wear one of my favorite sweater dresses 2 different ways
  9. What’s going on in Venice is absolutely devastating.
  10. The Best Christmas Markets in Europe to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


Screen Time:

Disney+ went live and I haven’t stopped exploring it. I’ve already watched a few of their new shows/movies, as well as re-living some of my childhood favorites! Love Kim Possible😘 I even wrote an entire post about all the things I was MOST excited for on Disney+.

I also finally got around to watching “The King” on Netflix. Timothee Chalamet was really really good. I enjoyed it a lot, but I know the whole series of plays so well (my Shakespeare nerdiness is showing lol) that I found the movie feeling a little rushed and choppy. It’s definitely worth a watch though!! Again I think it’s a very ‘me’ problem because I’ve dived in deep to the whole Henry V saga before. If you’re looking for an entertaining & easy way to watch some Shakespeare this is definitely for you.


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