Weekend gRound Up 1/18/20

~Weekend gRound Up 1/18/20~

I have fully reached my Winter & snow limit. At first it was fun and different but now I’m binging every house hunting show I can find in warmer climates.(Caribbean Life is the best)

The only good thing is I’ve been watching a lot of movies and finally getting some reading done as well. I had actually just re-watched Ex Machina a few days ago and completely lost it when the Oscar Isaac news dropped😂😂 Those moments are great reminders of what social media can & should be. Everyone coming together to make jokes about hilarious situations!

Mug Of The Week:

Top 10:

  1. 20 Things I Want To Do In 2020(aka my 2020 to-do list)
  2. The Influencer industry is changing the dance industry in really cool ways
  3. But should that transfer over to other professions?
  4. Really fun and interesting look at which books are checked-out most from libraries
  5. My wardrobe is slowly transforming to survive a Spokane winter
  6. Why are you not watching Grace and Frankie yet??
  7. Give me all of the John Mulaney content and interviews
  8. An old sports arena has been turned into a soundstage for NBC
  9. Safiya & Tyler’s gorgeous wedding😍😍
  10. The absolutely wild story about how the Nissan executive was smuggled to Beirut


Screen Time:

What I Watched:
*Men In Black: International (DVD) I had such high hopes with the casting but this is a franchise that needs to be over😬
*His Dark Materials (HBO) I had a free week on HBO and finally got to finish it! I can’t wait for season 2
*The Art Of Racing In The Rain (DVD) Way more emotionally devastating than I thought it was going to be, so be prepared for that lol.

New Releases:
*Grace & Frankie Season 6 (Netflix) No show makes me laugh harder. This is a MUST WATCH!
*Killer Inside: The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez (Netflix) I haven’t dived in yet but I’m very intrigued by this documentary
*Dolittle (theater) Based off a book series! We all know that’s my thing😉
*Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (DVD)
*Gemini Man (DVD)

What I’m Listening To:



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