Wanderlust Gift Guide

This Wanderlust gift guide is pretty self-explanatory; I mean who isn’t thinking about running away to travel at all times. Especially with all the planning that goes on for the start of a new year. But whether you’re in the ‘dreaming stage’ or the ‘get on a plane and go’ stage this guide has you covered.

Dreaming Of Running Away:

*National Geographic 220 Great Destinations

This is such a fun book to have out on your coffee table! It’s quite large but with the quality of pictures it will have you completely immersed in planning out trips to each and every city featured.
*Adventure Awaits Mug

While your coffee wakes you up in the morning, this mug can be your reminder that there’s a crazy & beautiful world out there just waiting for you.

*Wanderlust Pillow

With a white & gold color scheme, this pillow can match your decor while letting your mind wander.
*Watercolor Laptop Sleeve
This gorgeous watercolor with protect your laptop with style.

*World Medallion Necklace

A map cutout with the quote “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and with people I’ve never met.” in the background!
*World Map Canvas Print

This map comes in a variety of colors and styles-wood, watercolor, rustic, etc.- making it perfect to match any décor!


Get On the Plane & Go:

*Packing Cubes

I don’t know about you, but packing is like the worst part of very trip for me. Packing cubes makes it so much easier to stay organized and get everything to fit!

 *Marble Passport Cover

A good passport cover is very important but there’s no reason it shouldn’t also be cute!

 *Jo Totes Camera Bag

A hard part of travelling is carrying a camera around comfortably and safely. This bag looks like a regular handbag but inside has padded compartments for all your camera & electronic needs!

 *Sleep Mask

If you have a long or overnight plane ride then a sleep mask is a MUST!


These are wireless and noise-insulating making travel easy & entertaining.

*Weekender Bag

I own & use this weekender bag and I cannot recommend it enough! It’s super comfy to carry around and can fit a ton of stuff. Plus with a variety of pockets on the outside everything has its own place.


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  1. Packing cubes are a MUST! I got some and idk how I lived without them. I’m also loving that laptop sleeve!

    Published 12.11.17
  2. Nic wrote:

    I want all of these gifts! I agree about the packing cubes. They make life so much easier. 🙂

    Published 12.11.17
  3. Brianna wrote:

    Great suggestions! I really like that globe necklace. Definitely something I would wear!

    Published 12.11.17
  4. Meg wrote:

    Those are some great suggestions – I have that Jototes camera bag and love it!

    Published 12.11.17
  5. I’m the worst over-packer. Love the packing cube idea!

    Published 12.12.17
  6. Packing Cubes! what an awesome idea. I like the world charm too!

    Published 12.12.17
  7. Totally need that laptop sleeve! I love the little scratch off maps too, bought a few for my friends! x

    Published 12.13.17
  8. Ohhh I love these gifts, I am desperate to do more traveling! Going to NY next year so some of these would be perfect for that!!

    Published 12.14.17
  9. Kelly @ The Tour wrote:

    Love the additional gift ideas!

    Published 12.14.17
  10. Loving this adventure-related gift guide! 🙂

    Elisabet | http://www.fashionpoetry.eu

    Published 12.15.17
  11. Emily wrote:

    Everything on this guide is perfect! I NEED noise cancelling headphones for my trip in January – adding those to my wish list!

    Published 12.15.17
  12. I legitimately want everything on this list and I now realize I need that coffee mug to help me get inspired when I’m blogging in the morning!

    Thanks for compiling this list, I’m going to pass it along to my loved ones. xo

    Published 12.15.17
  13. I so need that necklace!! And I’ve been meaning to try those packing cubes. Will have to get some for my next trip!

    Published 12.15.17
  14. Samantha wrote:

    Packing cubes saved my life as I traveled around Europe this past Summer! All great ideas!

    Published 12.15.17
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