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February is coming to an end and everyone in the pacific northwest is breathing a sigh. It’s no secret that it’s the WORST month weather-wise and no amount of sun in the summer or mild winter can make up for it. I lucked out and took these pics one of the rare times the sky was clear but it was still bitter cold and I had hand warmers in my pockets! This winter has been particularly bad with a random snow storm that literally shut everything down for days(it doesn’t snow here so we have no idea how to function when it does, it’s entertaining and terrible) and then non-stop rain that has us breaking records left and right. Honestly I could just sit here and complain for an entire post about how much we hate February, and trust me we do truly sit around complain every year, but my saving grace this year has been my new UGG rain boots!

When I moved back to Seattle after a few years in the southwest, my wardrobe needed some serious help and a good pair of rain boots was at the top of the list. I’d had my eye on a pair of Hunter boots but then I found these at half the price and was sold. Luckily Christmas was coming up and I not-so-subtly made sure my parents knew that I would consider the day a disaster if they weren’t under the tree….which they ended up being the last thing I opened so there was a little bit of stress and a lot of relief when I finally got them.

These babies are solid, reliable, and warm with the UGG fur inside. It’s everything you need in a rain boot along with some style. I have worn them constantly the last 2 months and had no problems at all. I would happily get them in a few more colors instead of going with Hunter for my next pair. I went with black for the versatility but I really like all of the rest of the colors-the grey is so pretty but the green is so fun!

You can find the boots @Nordstrom for $80. They only come in whole numbers so size up because chances are you’ll want thicker socks or leg warmers to go with it.

I also got this puffer jacket for Christmas(I wasn’t kidding about my wardrobe needing help!) and it’s been perfect for the weird weather that’s been going on. Puffer is totally in right now but I generally prefer it with a faux fur hood. You can find one similar to the one I’m wearing in the pics here @Nordstrom.

These sunglasses have also been a favorite since I found them on Black Friday. You can get the exact pair @Sunglass Hut for under $100 and in multiple colors. Trust me, no matter where you live you can NEVER have enough sunglasses.

Luckily I’m going to Las Vegas this weekend and then it will be March so I’ve basically made it through the month and can start getting excited for spring. There’s so much I want to do outdoors and I can’t wait for the sun to pop out and the roads to clear up so I can take advantage of how cool the northwest is again!



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