Twist-Back Activewear Top & Tropical Shorts






I’ve got to stop going to Old Navy now that they have cute active wear because it’s all I want to look at! This twist-back top and tropical print shorts were sooo perfectly me  and I’m super excited to wear them this spring when I can start going outside again. Working out in the sun is way better than being stuck inside.

Cute active wear is SO important to me because it’s basically all I wore for the first twenty years of my life. I was heavily involved in competitive sports so either sweats covering my leo’s for gymnastics or spandex shorts and sports bras for cheer were basically my daily uniform. Honestly I feel like I didn’t even start wearing real clothes until a couple of years ago let alone figuring out my own personal style. It’s one of the reasons I love having a blog now where I can play with different things and track my journey.

I’ve been trying to branch out with the colors I add to my wardrobe (I fully admit there’s way too much black and pink) but I found the shorts and top together and it was too cute to pass up. The top manages to tick all the boxes I look for in shirts-slightly baggy, open back, long sleeves that go over the hand. Now that I can wear things that don’t have to solely focus on function, it’s fun to have a bit of style even if it’s not the most performance enhancing lol. It does come in other colors; all the details can be found here.

The top is great to transition out if you need to run errands before or after working out. Especially if you pair it with a sports bra that has a strappy back. The one I wore in the pics isn’t online but Old Navy has a few different options that are the same print as the tropical shorts! There’s this simple racerback or this one with teal straps.

I’m picky about my spandex because I know I’m going to wear every pair I own a ton, so I want comfort and good fit. This is my first pair from Old Navy and I’ve been super happy with them. I really like the high waistband! You can find the shorts here or the same print in full length pants. I definitely recommend both.


I’m writing this post from the train as I continue my trip through the Midwest to see a bunch of extended family. Shout-out to Amtrak for free wifi lol. A lot of you have been following my trip along on Insta and I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for your well wishes during my first travel day. I’m usually super lucky when it comes to good travel experiences so I can’t complain too much about having one bad day. Having a broken suitcase is making this trip way more difficult than it should be though!!



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  1. Shawna wrote:

    Absolutely in love with this look!

    Published 6.17.17