Trail Tights-Yoga’s For The Outdoors

Eddie Bauer Trail Tights

One thing I’ve always struggled with is finding the right kind of clothing for hiking & other outdoor activities. I prefer my workout gear to be tight-fitting but regular yoga pants were never sturdy enough to actually withstand a real hike. The cargo’s and other recommended types of pants were not comfortable or anything close to what I wanted.

Thankfully Eddie Bauer must have heard my complaining and have this line of ‘trail tights, which is basically everything I dreamed of. Made from a thick but stretchy material they will not only survive a tough hike but will also keep you insulated and warm. There are even zipper pockets on the sides! Pretty sure every girl understands how amazing that addition is lol.

The first time I wore these trail tights I was surprised by how much movement I still had. I was afraid the ‘sturdiness’ would make it feel a little stiff but that wasn’t the case at all.

I picked up the Carbon grey color for something a little different from the black I usually stick with, but they do have a few to choose from. They even have a Nightwatch option that includes reflective zippers!


A really great thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is how many different areas we have to spend outdoors. There’s no shortage of hikes, parks, lakes, mountains, etc.

If you live around here where are your favorite places to go play outdoors? And if you live somewhere else what kinds of places do you have around you? Let me know in the comments! I want to new ideas and new places to explore!



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  1. I’m an avid hiker but I also like to look stylish while being comfortable. Thank you!! I’m looking into these trail tights ASAP.

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