Topshop Long Sleeve Crop Top

All of my outfits have a theme right now and this long sleeve crop top fits the bill. I am on a quest to break out my Spring wardrobe despite the rain, cold, gray, and just all around terrible weather we’re still having up in the pacific northwest. Every morning I stare at my closet looking for something that will get me in the Spring mood and most importantly, keep me warm.

All you readers out there enjoying your early and overly warm weather right now can just hush. I see all your Insta’s in the sun and having fun. I’m completely jealous.

This long sleeve crop top has been in my wardrobe for a few years now. It’s lightweight enough to use with layers while still having enough coverage to be just fine on its own. Topshop is always such good quality that it’s held up really well making it totally worth a purchase. This season they’ve updated this top with a built-in choker that is SO cute and trendy. I’m very tempted to upgrade to it. You can find a similar striped version here and currently on sale for under $20. There’s also multiple colors available in a solid print.

White denim is scary but wonderful to lighten up outfits. I don’t like to spend too much in case something does happen, however this Articles of Society pair is at a good price point and super soft and stretchy. I also recommend this pair from Charlotte Russe. Distressed is always fun and you can almost always find denim on sale at CR.

Adidas keep popping up in my posts because I really can’t get enough of their casual sneaker lines. Luckily my mom feels the same and our feet are close enough in size that we share which means I technically have these shoes in 5 different colors now lol I’m wearing navy in these pics but I got a lot of comment asking about this blush pair over the weekend on my Instagram.

This Rebecca Minkoff is the only real ‘slouchy’ purse I own and I go through stages of either using it every day or putting it away for weeks at a time. It’s surprisingly big and can hold a lot which is nice. It can go from casual to dressy no problem which is why I think it’s definitely worth the price.  Especially the gray color I linked to!

I haven’t really talked much about the makeup I use (yet!) but I can’t get enough of the NARS lip pencils. In these pics I’m wearing Roman Holiday. It’s the prettiest pink that is just perfect for adding color without being a major statement.


I don’t know if anyone out there is also a big baseball fan but the last week of spring training is starting and I am getting so hyped for this season! The World Baseball Classic got me too excited too early for a long season. I’m a hometown Seattle Mariners girl, but the St. Louis Cardinals have a special place in my heart. What teams are you rooting for?!

Make sure to check out next week’s post for some major baseball style fun!


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