The Travel Gift Guide (2019)

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The Travel Gift Guide

Want to get away?!?!

Lol that’s always the thought going through my mind when putting together travel-related content. And maybe that’s what is going through your mind too. The holiday busyness, winter weather, and start of a new year is always the perfect storm to start dreaming up new vacations.

This travel gift guide has something for everyone, no matter if it’s still in the dream stages or flights are already booked. There’s also a mix everything from stocking stuffers to splurge items, to fit whatever your price point may be!

Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

I LOVE all of these National Geographic books. Nothing will ever beat their photography, it’s the perfect inspiration while trying to figure out where to go. This book is great for someone who loves an adventure but it’s also an awesome coffee table book. Basically, it’s going to get looked at. I own ‘World’s Best Cities‘ and ‘100 Parks 5000 Ideas‘ which I would also HIGHLY recommend. It’s easy to find a theme that fits either your own travel likes or the kind of inspiration the person you’re buying it for would want!!

‘Citizen of the World’ Passport Holder

Passport holder’s are such a great gift for someone who has that ‘big trip’ already planned! It’s also a fun stocking stuffer😉 I really love how classic and chic this ‘Citizen of the World’ one is. Black is a safe and ~hard to get dirty~ color to travel with lol.

Tech Travel Organizer

I always travel with a lot of tech-y things so having a separate case to keep it all organized makes is such a stress relief. Travel is much much easier when you know EXACTLY where your chargers & batteries & everything are going to be. Without getting tangled!

Packing List Notepad

Do you always forget something when you pack? Do you know someone who is a last second, throw it all in and hope, kind of packer? This notepad with a tear off pre-written packing lists are fun but also very useful! It has everything you could ever think of so it’s going to remind you of anything you could need.

Neoprene Toiletry Bag

Toiletries are always hard to pack because you end up with a lot of weird shaped stuff trying to get shoved into a bag. I love this one from Nordstrom because it looks really chic but the neoprene is going to survive whatever you throw at it. It’s going to work with whatever you need to fit but it’s also going to be a very reliable quality.

Travel Notebook and Vacation Journal

This journal is going to get you through every stage of planning a trip. It has pages to work with from turning an idea into a plan with budgets, research, packing lists, transportation, etc. Then it’s going to act as a journal so you can keep track of all the best memories and experiences, including pages to add pictures!

5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter

The perfect stocking stuffer for someone who has their international trip planned and is getting ready to leave. This one works in 150 different countries, has a usb port, and I especially like that the pieces are color coded. That helps so much with making it a little less complicated!

‘Wander’ Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is another great option for a smaller gift or stocking stuffer! This one is soo cute and neutral to go with any suitcase.

Astyll 22-Inch Rolling Spinner Suitcase

This suitcase is GORGEOUS😍😍 Having a good, sturdy suitcase is such an important part of any trip. Getting one that’s cute and unique is just a bonus! While this does also come in a set, I linked the small 22inch one that is carry-on sized. I’ve found it’s getting hard to find suitcases small enough as airlines keep changing the rules. And while big is nice, for the most part having something that can handle weekend trips is much more useful.

GoPro Hero7

This is for the adventurer. An action camera is going to give you video and memories unlike anything else, but the price can be so hard to justify on top of everything else a trip entails. This year though GoPro just released a new version which means you can find ‘7’s’ for GREAT deals! Like under $200 at Best Buy. Now is DEFINITELY the time to get it!

Travel Gift Cards (, Southwest Airlines, AirBNB)

I don’t care what the ~reputation~ might be, gift cards are AWESOME presents. I’d so much rather be able to get something I genuinely like and will use. And the same goes for people I’m giving gifts to!! So maybe you know someone that has always had a dream trip but needs a little help making it happen. Travel related gift cards that actually help make trips and experiences happen are wonderful!! There’s also such a variety these days so you can help in different ways. Or even pair up with other people and get multiple parts of a trip covered.

Travelers understand better than anyone the value of an experience over everything else. The ultimate travel gift is helping someone make it happen❤️
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