The Runner Gift Guide (2019)

the runner gift guide

The Runner Gift Guide

Running is very much a love/hate type of activity. And I was on the hate side of it for a longgg time. Sometimes though you just have to sign up for a race and see what happens.

My first time around was a huge learning curve, and I totally underestimated the importance of how many ‘accessories’ would go along with it. Now that I’m getting ready for races with more experience I’ve figured out what is needed, and what is fun to have.πŸ˜‰

The Runner Gift Guide hits everything from necessites to splurges, all at different price points, and whether it’s a first-time or a long-time runner! But Christmas falls right before the new year when all those goals and resolutions are made so find out which of your friends/family has ‘run a race’ on their list(there is ALWAYS at least one person!) and get them a gift to help them get started!

1. Runner’s World Training Journal

This training journal is perfect for someone who already has a race planned to train for and run. I own this exact journal and love it! Not only does it have a section to track all of your runs and workouts week by week (up to 50 weeks!), it also has a bunch of other pages to track everything that goes into race training like keeping track of information on multiple pairs of shoes, path tracking, and pace charts. It was put together by editors of Runner’s World and they know their stuff!

2. The Official Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Marathon & Half-Marathon Training

My first half marathon was a Rock’n’Roll race and my mom got this book for me while I was training!! It’s all information which is great for people who like to be fully educated when diving in to different things. While it is Rock’n’Roll brand focused, the way it walks you through every single step from signing up for, to post-running, can be used for any long run/race. It’s not some basic-level information either, this book dives deep with chapters on training, nutrition & hydration, recovery, etc.

3. Running Sleeves

One of my big things when running (or being outdoors ever lol) is starting cold and therefor staying miserable. Sleeves are nice because you can start with your arms covered and then roll them down into wristbands if/when you heat up. It’s a cool gift that shows a little knowledge and is really truly helpful! It’s also usually a one size fits all kind of deal so you don’t have to stress about fit.

4. Fitbit Versa 2 Health &a Fitness Smartwatch

This is a splurge item but running in general, and training for a race, are made so much easier with a good fitness band/watch. I love the new Fitbit Versa because it’s stylish and it has every ‘smart’ feature you could want, including a heart rate monitor and Alexa capabilities.

5. Running Belt

Figuring out where to put your stuff is like the most annoying part of running. This is the running belt I personally use! What I like most about it, and what makes it a great gift, is that it’s band is adjustable. That means the runner can set it up to fit however works best for them. This one also zips close which, for me at least, adds a much needed peace of mind when carrying my phone & keys.

6. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated all the time is a super important part of training. Getting someone a reusable water bottle is a fun way to acknowledge that training is an all the time kind of thing. Plus it’s good for the environment AND it can be cute or personal because you can find a design the person would love. Maybe it’s a favorite color or their ~aesthetic~ like how we all want everything marble these days lol.

7. Cross-Training Shoes

Finding the right pair of running shoes is maybe the most important part of running so I don’t really trying to make that a gift because they need to be PERFECT. However, cross-training is generally a part of race training and getting that second or third pair of shoes can hurt the bank account. I LOVE this pair of Cross Trainers, so much that I wrote a post about them.πŸ˜… It’s one of those items that can be hard to justify for yourself but is really helpful, the exact criteria for gifts!

8. Compression Calf Sleeves

I honestly think the most important part of recovery when I was training was my compression sleeves and socks. First, you need to understand that these aren’t ~regular~ socks, getting real compression is vital. Which can be figured out by the price tag😬 but they make SUCH a difference post-run. The day after my half marathon I wore my compression sleeves under over-the-knee boots to make it look like I was a functioning person!

9. Powerbeats Wireless Headphones

Another splurge, but this one is pretty self-explanatory. Entertainment while working out is a must, ESPECIALLY on the long days when we’re talking an hour or two of nothing but running. A good pair of wireless headphones can make all the difference in a run feeling like it takes forever or no time at all.

10. ‘In it for the long run’ Coffee Mug

If you know someone who is running, training, and a coffee lover (*raises hand*) this mug is adorable!! It’s the perfect mix of cute and inspirational. Reminding your runner that they’re on a journey, and that you’re thinking of them.

11. Foam Roller

So much goes into training for a race that a lot of items start to feel frivolous, even if they have a useful purpose! Foam rollers are super helpful during training but not always the easiest item to justify over others. Which is why receiving it as a gift is so lovely.

12. Nike Mirrored Sunglasses

We all know by now that I can’t survive outdoors without sunglasses, but there is a big difference in sunglasses that can survive physical activity! Having a pair that are made to fit comfortable and stay on your face during a run, or any physical activity, makes runs much more enjoyable. Nike is a brand you can always trust when it comes to quality and experience.

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  1. Christine wrote:

    This is a great gift guide for all the runners on my list! Thanks for the info

    Published 12.2.19
  2. Chelsea wrote:

    I didn’t even know running sleeves were a thing but I totally need them now, haha. Also would love to get a running belt! I have an armband currently but it ALWAYS slides down my arm and it’s so annoying.

    Published 12.4.19
  3. Madi Rowan wrote:

    These are all such awesome gift ideas! Love the foam roller & Fitbit!

    -Madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com

    Published 12.4.19
  4. Genevieve wrote:

    I run daily on the trails with my pups and this is the perfect gift guide for us runners! Love the coffee mug, so cute!

    Published 12.4.19
  5. I’ve always wanted to try foam rolling, thanks for sharing these items!

    Published 12.5.19