The Cozy Gift Guide (2019)

I know some people love Winter but for the rest of us, all it means is staying inside trying to get warm & cozy until the warmth comes back. Luckily with the Holiday season there are plenty of ways to stay busy indoors. And even more ways to be cozy while doing it. As a year round wearer of fuzzy socks and year round user of blankets this gift guide comes from a place of personal experience😂

While it’s totally fine to want these things for yourself, this category is so lovely for giving. It’s items that can feel frivolous even though they can make dreary winter days feel a little easier. Fuzzy socks, a candle, and a big soft blanket are a wonderful start to a self-care evening! Gifts like these are a way to show you care & telling the gift-receiver it’s okay to take some time for yourself.

Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Blankets might just be the ultimate cozy item. Is a night spent snuggling indoors in the Winter even complete if you’re not completely wrapped up?! Softness definitely matters and this one has got you covered while still being machine washable. That’s important to me lol. I also love the variety of colors it comes in, especially neutrals in case you’re not sure what décor it will go with.

Ugg Pom Pom Fleece Lined Socks

Ever wished you could feel the softness of Ugg fur even when you’re indoors?? These pom pom socks are not only SUPER cute but they’ve got the fleece lining as well. Socks as a stocking stuffer might be cliché but these would be very welcomed.

Topshop Spot Robe

I used to wear robes all the time when I was little and then for some reason stopped as I got older. Recently though they’ve been back on my radar, probably because they seem to be everywhere. So join in on bringing back the robe trend! I love this Topshop robe for keeping it stylish.

Personalized Candles

Candles are a go-to for hostess gifts & for when you’re absolutely stuck on ideas. It doesn’t have to be impersonal though. There are so many options now to make it a gift that means something.
Monogramed: Monogramed anything is a wonderful little personal touch. In this case it takes an easy gift just that extra step.
Homesick: Know someone who moved recently or can’t go home for the holidays? These Homesick candles are SO great. It’s not just a candle, it’s a way of giving someone a piece of home. Most gifts don’t get better then that.

slip Silk Sleep Mask

This is one of those things that can feel so unjustifiable for yourself but can genuinely be so helpful. Sleep is so important and also so easily sacrificed. Help make sure your friends & family are best prepared to take care of themselves with a good quality silk sleep mask.

Marbled Monogram Travel Mug

Another great option to make a ‘usual’ gift a little more personal. Marble is still EVERYWHERE so this is a really cute way to keep your caffeine looking classy🙃 This is especially good for someone who is ‘on-the-go’ or has little ones under foot. I love regular mugs but I also have very large dogs with powerful tails so options with a lid are always preferred.

Ugg Shearling Earmuffs

Earmuffs started to make an appearance last year but this year they are out in full force. It’s also an item that’s worth taking the step up from the cheapest options. It’s not going to be helpful if it’s also giving you a headache! I love this pair because they’re a basic style that will go with absolutely anything. They’re also Ugg so you can trust the quality. It’s kind of like sticking your head in an Ugg boot, but like, with style🙈

Pom Beanie & Plaid Scarf Set

Personally I hate both giving and receiving clothes as presents. Style and fit are so different for every person and it’s so hard to get it right. Accessories are an AWESOME alternative.(holy alliteration!!) A scarf and beanie set are such a good choice because size isn’t going to matter. Stick with a pretty neutral color and it should fit their wardrobe as well.

Bliss Pillow

Pillows are another cozy item staple. People rarely seem to get ones that are genuinely soft & comfortable though. I totally get matching your décor but sometimes you just want something soft to rub your face on…This one is not only fleece on both sides but it comes in eight colors. Giving you the option to match décor or keep it neutral.

Rachel Parcell Faux Fur Slipper

Toes are cold, life is cold. That’s my philosophy. Slippers are so fun and they can serve a genuine purpose. This Rachel Parcell pair combines cute, soft, and fun so well!! It comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) so it shouldn’t be too hard picking the right one.



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  1. Aurora wrote:

    This looks like a great guide! I love the blanket and slippers! #scsister

    Published 11.18.19
    • Sharron wrote:

      Such a great guide. Some awesome gifts

      Published 11.19.19
  2. Adriannia wrote:

    Loving this guide! All of the clothing looks so cozy and comfortable.

    Published 11.19.19
  3. Sharron wrote:

    Lovely guide. Love it. #scsister

    Published 11.19.19
  4. Emily wrote:

    What a luxe gift guide! Everything is the perfect present idea to help pamper the ladies on my gift list. Love!

    Published 11.25.19
  5. I have been eyeing a cozy robe too. I love this gift list and would want everything on here 🥰

    Published 11.25.19
  6. Jenna wrote:

    Lovely ideas, thank you for sharing!

    Published 11.25.19
  7. Bethany wrote:

    Omg I love this gift guide! You had me at cozy. I seriously want to buy everything on this list lol

    Published 11.25.19
  8. Hayden wrote:

    That scarf looks so cozy!

    Published 11.26.19
  9. Jenn wrote:

    This is the cutest gift guide I’ve seen! I love the cozy theme. I really love the slippers


    Published 11.26.19
  10. Farrah wrote:

    I’m all for everything cozy during this time of year! Those socks are super cute and I love the idea of personalized candles! :]

    Published 11.29.19