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It’s November 1st, the day after Halloween, and we all know what that means!!


If you’re first thought was CHRISTMAS! then I’m gonna have to stop you. I know, I know, companies already have commercials airing. Costco has their decorations out for weeks already. (seriously Costco, I love you, but selling trees in SEPTEMBER is taking is TOO FAR.)

I’m putting a stop to it all. We’re gonna deal with Thanksgiving first, and then you can have you holly jolly holidays.

If it wasn’t clear by now, this drives me crazy!! We have a strict rule in our house that there is no Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, and that weekend is spent decorating and getting the house ready.

Now, you might be saying, Ali, you can’t even eat like anything that’s part of a typical Thanksgiving dinner, and you’re spending it alone this year. Shouldn’t that all equal NOT caring as much?? But I like my holidays with their own separate time frames so each one can be prepared for, celebrated, and then moved past. If I can’t block it out on a Calendar cleanly, then we have a problem. Also, Black Friday (well it’s more like a week now) is maybe my favorite time of the year?! I will not stand for it being passed over and ignored. You will absolutely find me in these ‘Black Friday Shopping Squad PJ’s.

The ONE exception to this rule is presents. Buy those early. If you’re not done by the beginning of December, you’re stressing me out.

Rant over😊

So. It’s November 1st, the day after Halloween, and it’s time to fill your lives with some Thanksgiving Inspo!!

I’ve rounded up a variety of items that will both get you in the spirit, and make your lives a little easier.

If you’re not hosting this year, both the ‘Best of Thanksgiving Book‘ and the Hand Painted wine glass would be adorable hostess gifts for whoever is doing all the work😉 And there’s plenty of cute tops & accessories if you want to add some fun to your style this month.


1. The Best Of Thanksgiving Book

2. ‘Thankful Grateful Blessed’ Charcoal Top

3. ‘Gobble Till You Wobble’ Socks

4. Fall Leaves Swing Dress

5. ‘Thankful’ Turkey Top

6. Tote Bag

7. Black Friday PJ’s

8. ‘Give Thanks’ Throw Pillow

9. ‘I Am Thankful For’ Socks

10. ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ Wine Glass




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  1. Rachel wrote:

    Hi Alison,

    I totally agree! Yes, I’m stoked for Christmas, but I totally enjoy Thanksgiving. It’s such a wonderful time. I also have this thing that if we start celebrating Christmas too early, it takes away from the magic of it all. Also, that wine glass is a must!

    Cheers xx

    Rachel | http://www.myspottedblog.com

    Published 11.1.18