Target Swimwear Try On (&& It’s On Sale!!)

I’ve reached the point of winter where I am just completely OVER the cold. In the last 48 hours it’s both hit 50 degrees with sun and then there was ThunderSnow so I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

What I do know is Spring and Summer time means swimsuit time! I also know that my swimsuits are packed away somewhere in storage…and move in day is just far enough away that it’s probably easier to buy a new suit or two.

One thing I’ve noticed about Target is in store the selection varies A LOT based on location. Back in Seattle it was never that big, but down in Vegas the swimwear section was HUGE. Makes sense. Here in Spokane it’s very big with a ton of options, which is great even if I don’t quite understand why😂 and of course online has everything in store and much more!

So a couple of days I went and did a big try on to get an idea of what Target has, what the big trends are, and what accessories go with it all! I’ve broken all this down with both exact links to what I tried on, and other options in similar styles/colors/trends.

Surprisingly, everything was True-To-Size. I regularly wear size small in one pieces, medium in bikini tops, and large in bikini bottoms. All of those sizes are what I tried on and was happy with. I do love being able to buy tops and bottoms separately since I do not ~match~🙈

ALSO, Target currently has buy one 50% off and free shipping all women’s swimwear!! Now’s the time to get your swimsuit situation figured out for the summer!

The ~Stylish~ One Piece

I tend to classify one-piece swimsuits into two categories-the fun & stylish, and the basic & sporty.
Maybe this is just a getting older thing but I’ve felt like the last 5 years the cute one piece swimsuit trend has really come alive. There’s so many stylish options now that I jus don’t remember existing before! I used to think all one pieces were so boring but now I can’t get enough of all the different adorable trends. The mix of floral and ruffle makes this swimsuit perfect for any pool or beach!

The Sporty One Piece

This is a much more sporty one piece, but it’s the kind of swimsuit that’s going to survive whatever you need it to. Water sports and actual activities mean you need something basic. I love that you can still find cute colors and prints though. This is the swimsuit for family time and not tanning time. And no living on the edge with it all being held together with ties👀

The Bandeau Bikini

This is probably my favorite swimsuit out of everything I tried on. I adore both the blend of the bandeau/off shoulder style and always trendy leopard print! This was the swimsuit that had me looking up flights the second I put it on!! The bottom is classified as ‘high leg scoop’ and oh boy was it. I’d probably just wear a simple black bottom that I already own. That is such a great staple piece to have in general!!

The Crochet & Knit Trend

This is trend that took it’s time to grow on me. Now I’m totally on board though! Knit’s and crochet’s just don’t really make sense in the swimwear world so I don’t know who wanted to blend it together first…there’s some really really cute options now though! It’s a style that works well with both bikinis and one pieces!

The Sporty Bikini

Not every bikini has to be about the ~aesthetic~ more than the function! I love bikinis like this can handle anything. Esepciallly when there’s no extra sleeve or ruffle so it can easily be covered. Sometimes I love a little flair, sometimes it’s just annoying lol. This is the swimsuit that I can live in all day during a vacation, in and out of the water.

Cover-ups are where I tend to go away from the popular options. I know flowy and embroidered is the normal choice, but man I’m so much happier in sweatshirt/casual styles. This striped cover up is one of my favorite swimwear accessories I have EVER found. It’s just so perfectly me. I’ve already started planning everyday summer outfits around it as well😂

This ‘Shade & Shore’ line of beach bags is SO freaking cute. I generally just use tote bags I already own but these are so fun and cool that I might actually get a real beach bag this year! Especially the basic tote which is less then $10?!! They also have a backpack in stores but it isn’t online so if you’re interested in that you probably want to check that out quickly before they’re gone. Mesh really is a great option for beach bags that are going to be used around sand.(and not whatever you deal with at Washington-based beaches lol)



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  1. Makaela wrote:

    I love the striped swimsuit! I want to lose a little weight before I buy swimsuits so I’m going to wait a few months and get some motivation.

    Published 2.24.20
  2. Cheeia wrote:

    I love the swimsuits. I can’t wait for summer.

    Published 3.2.20
  3. Kristie wrote:

    These all look so cute! The sporty bikini is a favorite. So flattering I think. I love Target swim season!


    Published 3.2.20
  4. Nat wrote:

    Love the floral swimming suit! Looks like Target has an awesome collection this season! Thank you for all those suggestions! Summer can’t come soon enough for me!))

    Published 3.2.20