Sun: 1 Ali: 0 (&& my favorite lotion to make it better!)

😬😬 It’s not really summer until you get that first sunburn I guess!

On Saturday my parents & I went on a mini road trip to central Washington to watch my cousin play baseball. All the grandkids on the that side of the family were SUPER sporty, so we’ve spent a lot of time going to games & supporting the family. But we all grew up and now the youngest is the only one left! Luckily he’s off to play in college this Fall so it’s not over.

Not so luckily, I forgot to put on any kind of protection while we were outside. It was one of those ~it’s cloudy right now so I’ll just wait a bit~ and then its 4 hours later. Oops.

When I got home last night I immediately put on my favorite soothing lotion. Then did the same this morning and although I’m pretty pink in places (and have the most horrible lines on my feet which I posted on IG storiesπŸ˜…) I’m not really in any pain or anything like that.

I had SUPER bad skin when I was little and my parents learned early on to just toss me into Aveeno oatmeal baths. While my skin is much better now, Aveeno is still my go-to when I have any kind of issues. I don’t use their lotion as an every day thing but I do keep it around just in case. I really can’t recommend it enough for sun burns & any skin flare-ups!!

Oh && this is totally unsponsored! Just a genuine lifelong love affair!

I also wanted to mention how much I loved being able to toss on this baggy boyfriend tee from Old Navy. With my shoulders a lovely shade of pink I wanted something that could bridge that line between covering them but without being too heavy or tight. This shirt was just perfectly light and flowy to not bother me at all this morning. And I tried to cover the tan lines on my feet for the pics with one of my favorite pairs of slides this summer! They’re linked below but also were in last weeks Summer Shoes Under $50 post!

They’d probably leave just as bad of tan lines on their own so at this point I think my plan is to just wear different sandals every time I go outside and hope it eventually evens outπŸ˜‚ I think it’s been long enough now since I moved away from Vegas that I lost my summer survival skills!

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  1. Krystin wrote:

    I love Aveeno, they make such incredible products, so moisturizing!

    Published 7.8.19
    • Alison wrote:

      they’re the best!

      Published 7.12.19
  2. Luci wrote:

    I love to us Aveeno face lotion with my make-up since it doesn’t have sunscreen.

    Published 7.9.19
    • Alison wrote:

      It’s so good for so many things!

      Published 7.12.19
  3. I love Aveeno! They keep me moisturized all day without the sticky feeling. I’ve been using it for years!

    Published 7.10.19
    • Alison wrote:


      Published 7.12.19