Stay Golden

All that glitters is not gold….but sometimes you can do both 🙂

This golden jacket has been one of my favorite pieces all Winter long and I’m excited about how easy it can be transitioned into my Spring Wardrobe. Gold usually isn’t my color, but this jacket is making it grow on me.

We’ve all been complaining about the weather lately–I’ve literally been wandering around my house in shorts with a blanket to hide in because it’ll change 20 degrees with ridiculous frequency.

So this means my jacket selection has been getting A LOT of use. Bombers are so great because they fit in that nice middle range of actually protection from cold, but not over-heating like true winter coats.

Clearly I’m not the only one going golden this Spring because I was easily able to find a whole variety of jackets at different price points to share with you all!


I hope everyone had a good Easter yesterday! We really didn’t do anything but I did get a dark chocolate bunny so it was all good.

This is my family’s favorite time of the year…but for a different reason….Baseball is here!!!We’ve spent all weekend watching as many games as possible because we’ve missed it so much.

Basically baseball is what we have on TV in the background of everything and we get so antsy by the end of Winter trying to find something to watch. I can only handle so much HGTV before I lose my mind yelling about paint colors lol.



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