Sporty Casual Chic With Adidas

Due to a medical issue my family has spent the last few weeks holed up at home. While it hasn’t been a bad way to slow down & spend some time-the pups have especially loved all the extra cuddles!-my wardrobe has been exclusively comfy sweats & yogas.

When I needed to do a quick trip to the store it never felt worth dressing up for lol so I threw together this sort of sporty casual chic look and now it’s a total fave!

Adidas joggers are basically the most comfortable and versatile pants you can have. I got a new pair for Christmas and got my mom hooked too, she just got a pair delivered literally days ago.

I love having a crop sweatshirt that lets me keep it casual but adds a little fun! It feels like I put just enough effort in to be seen in public without sacrificing comfort. I can kick off the shoes and take off my hat as soon as I get home and be good to curl up again for the next round of Netflix 🙂





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