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With the entire world of Sports shut down, I’m not sure if now is the best or worst time for sports podcasts?? I’m grateful for any and all sports content I can get right now. It’s looking like I’m not the only one judging by the millions of people who watched a fake marble race on Twitter…

Baseball is my thing. I enjoy many other sports but Baseball runs in my family’s blood. All summer long I have MLB.TV on so I can watch games throughout the day in the background of everything I do. I don’t know how long it will take but honestly I don’t think it will feel summer until baseball back.

When it comes to sports related podcasts I try to look for a variety of coverage. They generally have the same theme though: humor. Sports are entertainment and I want my analysis to be the same!! There are topics to be taken seriously but most of the time I want to hear takes and stories that are fun and interesting!

ESPN Daily

Mina Kimes has been one of my favorite Twitter follows for a very long time. The combination of humor and love of Seattle teams has made her a go-to for me for all sports related info. I was super excited when it was announced she would be hosting ESPN’s new daily podcast! Every day there’s one main topic of focus. Sometimes it’s a big game, sometimes it’s a league story, sometimes it’s a behind the scenes look at a recent ESPN article. There’s always another person who covers that team/topic so you get all the information about it quickly but with Mina Kimes’ personality leading the discussion. I was a little worried I’d end up skipping a bunch since I don’t like basketball and don’t pay super close attention to a lot of the NFL but I’ve genuinely enjoyed NBA related episodes (which is crazy!) and I look forward to seeing what the topic is every single week day.

Sports? with Katie Nolan

This is another broad option, covering the sports world in a very casual and conversational way. ESPN produces this podcast as well so you’ve probably seen/heard Katie Nolan on other shows before! They veer off course a lot talking about things ‘tangentially related to sports’ as they call it. If you’re looking for something heavy on entertainment and laughs this is the podast for you. Heavy analysis not so much.

Puck Soup

I just started getting into hockey a few years ago, thanks Golden Knights, but I am in awe of how much awesome content there is in that world. Puck Soup is absolutely hilarious!! The hosts are three hockey writers (all for different publications) and they talk hockey(puck) and pop culture(soup). It gets weird, but it’s also one of the funniest podcasts I listen to of any genre. This was one of my first finds when I was just getting into hockey and it’s been a big part of my ~fandom~ ever since.


I’m still looking for my perfectbaseball podcast but for now Starkville does the job. There’s two hosts, both who have been in baseball for a long time, and it’s produced by The Athletic so you get guests like Ken Rosenthal. It’s not as funny/casual as I prefer but it’s very informative with really great analysis.

Hall of Shame

Hall of Shame is brand new and I’v been SO excited for it from the moment it was announced just a few weeks ago. (Maybe a month or so? Idk time is weird right now). Anyways this podcast is going to deep dive into various sports scandals. The how, the why, and the human story behind some of the craziest stories in sports. It’s hosted by two women, a fox sports host and a comedy writer. There’s just a couple episodes so far but I love how excited they are to get into the topics.

I am ALWAYS looking for more podcasts to listen to while I work so please leave your sports related suggestions in the comments. Just no basketballšŸ˜‰


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