Soft Crop Hoodies & Staple Black Booties


Current trends have me in this weird place right now where all my sweaters & tops are either extra long, or crop. What happened to normal length clothing?! But….with the amount of cropped sweatshirts I’ve been rocking this Fall I can’t really pretend like I’m not all over it.

This striped top has gotten SO much love from me the past few months. It’s super soft, the arms are long so I’ve got my favorite little sweater paws, and the colors are kinda weird? but in a perfect for Fall way. Also ~true to Seattle life~ hoodies are a great way to keep the rain from running down your back😬

I usually pair my cropped tops with high waist denim so it’s a super casual and easy look. Pair it off with some staple black booties & a matching black bag and you’ve got an outfit that can go anywhere.

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I mentioned previously about how we were rebuilding our deck. Well, literally the day we finished that project we started tearing apart my bathroom to remodel.

Back in high school I painted my bathroom hot pink….like the hottest of pinks. And it was awesome!! but 10 years later it’s time for some change. We just finished laying down gorgeous marble tiles on the floor and I’m totally going to do a before & after post because the change is drastic. 



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  1. Hanna Rose wrote:

    Hi Alison! You look lovely and that’s such a versatile outfit. You look chic yet chilled! Fab combination.

    The new renovation project sounds exciting! I’d love a a hot pink bathroom but I think anything gets old after a decade of looking at it, even hot pink! Haha

    Hope the remodeling goes really well for you!

    Hanna x


    Published 10.13.18