So It Won’t Stop Snowing…

When we had our first snow of the year here in Spokane back in September my first thought was, “oh I need a new wardrobe to deal with this.”

So for the first time ever really I actually started looking into snow and winter gear. By Christmas time I had already dealt with more snow than any winter season I’d been through in all the different places I’d lived. Which was hilarious because the story around here was that it was the least amount of snow they’d had in decades😅

Then came January and oh man did it bring the snow. For the last week it’s been on and off snowing, and cold enough that none of it has melted. It’s SO different from anything I’ve experienced mostly because life goes on. Over in Seattle just the threat of snow causes literally everything to stop. No one knows how to deal with it so everything just shuts down. I’m getting used to being somewhere that is actually prepared and let’s the world just keep moving along even with two feet of ice & snow everywhere lol

I’ve done a really good job of getting reliable gear to get me through the cold and snow as well. For the first time ever I bought snow pants! But I’ve also started a collection of jackets that actually have purpose instead of just being cute. The parka I’m wearing in the pictures is one of my newer finds but it’s been AWESOME. I love that it isn’t the puffer look (of which I already have like 4-5 color & style options in my closet). It still keeps me super warm though and has the fun fuzzy hood to keep my ears and neck warm. Snow falling off trees is my new mortal enemy😒

Good jackets can be super expensive but I got this one at Old Nay on sale so it was super reasonable. It seems to always be on sale, especially this purple color, so don’t pay full price!! As always with Old Navy if just wait a bit and some sale or deal will pop up.

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How’s the winter weather been where you live?? Let me know in the comments!



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