Rust Sweater & The Best Black Accessories

As we all start looking at our closets and thinking about how *this* will be the year we get organized and truly sort through all our clothes….

JK! That new year, new me resolution is already long forgotten😂 Although Netflix is trying to guilt us with that new show?!?

But it is always a good time to make sure you have those staple items every wardrobe needs, or a good time to replace the ones that are getting a little too loved.

(Or like I’m currently dealing with ~figuring out which items are worth keeping with me and which are going into storage! Kate Spade My whole closet is going to be a few neutrals only that I can mix and match)

Black is a color I can never ever have enough of when it comes to outfit planning. While I’m usually looking for && then bragging about how cheap I found something, there are a couple specific items I splurge on.

Accessories are a good place to spend some money because you can wear/use them more often. Having a structured black handbag is a MUST for me, and Kate Spade is a favorite 🙂 I know that I’m going to use this bag over & over & over & over so it’s something that I’ll invest in. There’s a lot of great stuff out there that’s worth taking the time to find at the lowest price, but I want a bag that’s going to last.

Black boots & booties are another one of the few items that I’ll splurge on. That doesn’t mean you have to go $600 though (we all know which dream boots those are😉) DSW has GREAT options for under $100 which isn’t that bad at all!


Today we’re getting new carpet put into part of the house which means I got to spend the weekend moving ALL of my stuff out of my office and bedroom. Including my bed. Sleeping on a chair in the family room is not the greatest way to start a week off!! But getting it done now means I’ll be settled back into my rooms before the next quarter of my class starts so..worth it.

AND of course I have to mention NFL playoffs starting. Even my Seahawks fell apart at the worst possible time😒 Did you watch any games this weekend?? If so, who are you rooting for?! Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Tamara wrote:

    I love the sweater! It’s a unique style that I haven’t seen before. I definitely have to agree on the idea of having some black staple pieces in your wardrobe. I may have overdone that and went totally goth, but I am loving it! I mix and match my black on black with varying textures (knit, velvet, leather, etc) to keep it interesting 🙂 Those boots look great on you! My wide calves don’t stand a chance, so I stick to riding boot styles or slouchy. Booties are fun too (and I am glad I was able to find some this season for a steal of a price). As for the sports, I usually don’t touch that with a 10ft pole LOL Especially after the New Orleans Saints went down. Such a heartbreaker for the home state. Oh well, there is always next year!

    XOXO Tamara

    Published 1.24.19