Polka Dots & Pink Shorts

So one of the (weird feels like the wrong word here so lets go with) different things I’m getting used to about my new home is that it’s super easy to go downtown! Back living in the suburbs of Seattle every trip downtown felt like a full scale adventure requiring planning for traffic & parking & people & on & on. It just become something you never do unless there was a very purposeful reason. Which totally sucks having this GREAT city so close and the commute being so bad it just wasn’t worth it!

Now in Spokane it’s super easy to get downtown and just absolutely incredible to enjoy. This is extra great because the mall downtown is the only Sephora in the are and that’s a MUST for me. So last week when the summer sale kicked off I spent the whole short time just being grateful it was such an easy trip.

This simple look has been one of my favorite outfits all summer! It’s just the perfect blend of casual but cute which makes it PERFECT for my everyday life stuff. Plus, Pink & Polka Dots are two trends I will always be on board with. I knew since I was going downtown I was going to want to walk around for awhile (someday I’ll do big posts on how amazing Sspokane is) and that meant slipping on one of my favorite pairs of sneakers.

I got these black Cole Haan shoes a few months ago and have been wearing them NON-STOP ever since. They’re that perfect mix of sneaker with style, that I probably would have never gotten for myself if I hadn’t found them in the DSW clearance section. If you’re new here that’s basically where 75% of my shoe wardrobe is from lol. Now I can’t imagine NOT having this style of shoe because I wear it soo much!

I did link a few similar styles since my exact one is almost sold out!



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