Playlists To Listen To When You #WorkFromHome

I know people have their theories about background noises and music being a distraction. I however am firmly in the camp of needing ~something~ on to help me focus. Especially since I regularly work from home.

Personally, I like to think that because I was in gymnastics so young, and we used to always have music on throughout practice every day, my brain trained itself to equate music with time to work hard.

Silence is the worst and I’ll get distracted by EVERYTHING if I’m left alone. But that doesn’t mean just any noise will do. Spotify has made it soo easy to have a collection of playlists. I like having that variety to figure out what is going to be the best thing for each day. I’ve gathered a list of my go-to’s in the hopes that you can find what works best for your brain!

There’s some with lyrics, some without. A few with current music, some just background sounds. Acoustic vs EDM vs Classical. Basically at least one of these should work for you!

Classical Covers: NOT Your Parents’ Classical

“Exciting classical covers of Ed Sheeran, AC/DC, Lewis Capaldi, and much more!”
–I’m currently OBSESSED with this playlist for my workday. Everything from 80’s rock to the most current music all turned classical.


–BANNERS album ‘Where The Shadow Ends’ usually gets played at least once a day while I’m at my computer. Unfortunately it’s only about 35 minutes so I tend to move over to the artist station for more.

Afternoon Acoustic

“Unwind and let the afternoon unfold in all its acoustic glory.”

Music For A Workday

“A playlist to get you through your whole workday”
–It’s almost 8 hours long!!


“Stay focused with electronic and trap beats.”
–I know electronic isn’t for everyone while they work/study but for those of us it helps, this playlist is so soothing.

Reading Chill Out

“Calm music to help you focus on your reading.”
–No lyrics!

Sounds Of The Ocean

“Relax to the roaring sounds of crashing waves.”
–Extra good if you want background noise and are starting to feel trapped inside!


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