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If you follow me on Insta then you know I was in Las Vegas last weekend for a concert. Having lived there for 3 years I very much consider the city home but I’ll never get over being a tourist on The Strip. Especially now that I’ve been gone long enough that new things are being built to explore. These pics were taken in the new The Park and I was totally in love with the whole area.  Next week on the blog is going to be Vegas Week with 5 posts covering various topics so be sure to come back and check all my reviews and tips!

I love just walking around to explore places which Vegas is SO good for that. I get my wandering around from my mom and since we we were having a girls weekend I knew I needed to pack outfits with that it mind. Generally I live in yoga pants so that’s where this outfit, and specifically these leggings, come in. Plus it certainly hasn’t been anywhere near warm enough for something like this so it was nice to change it up a bit since Spring seems to never be coming to the northwest.

These faux leather leggings caught my eye in Nordstrom a couple months ago and happened to be on sale(they ended up even cheaper than I thought at the register and I’m mad I didn’t get more than one pair!). I figured they would help upgrade my outfits while letting me keep my casual stretchy pant look. They’re pretty lightweight so I wouldn’t recommend them for chilly days but they have a lot of stretch so it’s perfect for walking around and covered with a long top. You can find them online here where they are currently on sale for under $20. Even regularly they’re under $30 so stock up!

My plaid shirt is from Old Navy and I really like how easily the sleeves can be rolled up and down. This exact one was in clearance because of the colors, which is ridiculous because I think they’re amazing, but Old Navy always has a great selection. You can see all of their options online here and also check out this post  of mine which is another style I have from there.

The Adidas I’m wearing have been on the blog numerous times because I’m completely obsessed with them and recently I bought them in 2 more colors. They are the perfect casual sneaker that just go with any outfit while staying super comfortable no matter how much walking you have to do. You can find them in black & white variations  like I’m wearing above or in multiple colors which I’m sure will be on here soon  (I have blush and nude, and my mom has navy!)

Finally my accessories–this purse is super good for travelling because it’s BIG. I was able to have my good camera and a Kindle fit easily while walking around. I had been looking for a structured black purse for ages when I finally stumbled onto this one. I can’t find it online but I did find two similar-one at a lower price point here or this Kate Spade  that is so pretty! And here is a similar pair of sunglasses with a dark lens and leopard frame.



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