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With the Seahawks not making the playoffs this year, (rightfully! this season was a mess), we have this weird chunk of time with no sports right now and my family doesn’t know how to handle it lol. We spent the weekend still watching playoff games we had no intention of paying attention to, just because we couldn’t figure out what else we could do.

Although some of those games were Not Good, and the Seahawks might have fit right in….

Honestly, Spring Training needs to start because right now I’m binging The West Wing at a truly embarrassing rate.

But while we deal with tragic part of life it also means we have a bit more time to go outdoors as the weather slowly but surely starts to get nicer. I’m definitely gonna stick with West Coast, Best Coast because we don’t have things called ‘Bomb Cyclones’. Seriously, wtf are you doing over there?!

It’s not quite past sweater & jacket weather though, so I got to break out my new pink puffer coat. This jacket was such a perfect Christmas present I received this year!! It’s the most gorgeous color and the body is lined with fleece so it’s functional and warm above everything else.

The color is selling out at Old Navy super quick, so I’ve linked up this exact jacket in other colors, and some dupes that are a similar color.


You really can’t go wrong with a puffer these days so if a full coat isn’t quite for you, there’s also great options for vests!



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  1. Shannon wrote:

    This puffer is adorable! I love it with the beanie! xx Shannon || http://www.champagneatshannons.com

    Published 1.8.18
  2. Briana wrote:

    White jeans and a pink top is my favorite combo!


    Published 1.8.18
  3. Im not a big puffer coat fan but this on is so cute! Love it.

    Published 1.8.18
  4. Linda wrote:

    This coat is so cute! Love the color!


    Published 1.9.18