C&C- The Pictures That Don’t Make The Blog #1

I’ve had a grumpy week.

I let myself get complacent– the sun was out, I was wearing shorts everyday, I posted a Summer Romper Round Up…..and then the next day we lost it all. Rain. Wind. Grey. Ughhhhh

All the happy fun weather was gone and I sat inside grumpily redoing all my plans for going out and for blog pictures. The pups grumbled with me as they lost time at the park and backyard. Which is why you’re getting this post. What better way to cheer up then to go through old pictures and laugh at myself?!

So here’s a bunch of ~behind the scenes~ pictures that didn’t quite make the cut for their posts. AKA the blooper reel! After a shoot I usually have between 75-100 pictures that gets narrowed down to 6 that are the *finalists*. That’s the nice way of saying there were A LOT to choose from😅

The post: Polka Dots & Oversized Sweaters
The story: This is like the epitomy of what all of my mornings look like, at least until I’ve had a chance to actually drink the coffee in my cup. The smiling doesn’t happen until after the caffeine. Also, cutting off both part of the head and feat is impressive.

The post: Striped Romper @ The Night Market
The story: After discovering one of my favorite places in Spokane, The Night Market, I decided to take some pictures one week. Then I got asked to take pictures of other people and my shoot lost importance lol



Tina Time

So, so, many of my pictures get ~ruined~ by my dogs wanting to join in. Here’s a few of them helping!

The story: In my office I have a fuzzy rug that Corey has taken full ownership of, and a futon that Tina has done the same too. Here’s a conversation where I’m simply trying to explain that I need it for just a few minutes and then she can have it all to herself, I promise!

The post: How I Keep My Brain Sharp & Entertained
The story: The uhh, the same as above. I really should know better. But this time the easiest course of action was to just let her help, which you can tell by all the pics that did make the post.

The post: Christmas PJ’s For The Whole Family
The story: I totally played myself naming this post ~for the whole family~ without realizing that OF COURSE the pups would want to be included. In what world did I think I could sit on the floor and not have them immediately curl up for cuddle time in front of the fire??

The post: Color-Block Activewear & Getting Back To A Schedule
The story: I’ve trained Tina too well when it comes to picture time and here we have a classic case of “but you always tell me to look at the camera?!”


Hair Flip

My hair and I have never gotten along, adding in being outside and even worse, wind, it’s a recipe for disaster.


The post: Lace & Nude Accessories For A Summer Wedding
The story: This is one of the few times I’ve been genuinely mad over messed up photos because I have whole series of these that were so good!! and no one realized my hair was fully intertwined with the bushes until I was home, in sweats, going through pictures to put the post together☹️

The post: Day To Night: T-Shirt Dress
The story: This dress and my hair had some magnetic connection that was driving me crazy!! It would not stop sticking in weird chunk and places. A majority of the pics from this shoot look exactly like this one….

The post: From Running To Running Errands
The story: Hair up in a ponytail is usually a great way to just avoid all the annoying hair-related problems, but the wind was not particularly helpful this day. Being over a freeway probably wasn’t the most helpful either.

The story: Okay so I saved the best for last, because this one is kind of special to me!! This was one of the very first shoots I did for the blog a while ago, and it was the first time with my new fancy camera that I had saved and saved for. We were mostly messing around and just trying to get some experience on both sides of the camera but I totally lost it after seeing this pic. It’s just so perfect!!! Like, not only is the hair completely upright but it’s also perfectly in focus. We still to this day get blurry pictures sometimes and I’ll never know how we managed this while having zero idea what we were doing🙃



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