Grey Leather Jacket w/ Detachable Hood

SEBBY Faux Grey Leather Jacket Okay first things first, I am SO sorry if that last pic makes you uncomfortable…it makes me uncomfortable too! What are my feet doing?!? Like I remember taking that series of pics and feeling totally normal!!! But it’s so weird!!! I used to get in trouble all the time growing […]

Faux-Shearling Wedge Booties

  Happy First Day of Fall!! I first found these faux-shearling wedge booties last year, and wore them so much it got a little embarrassing LOL. But when you find that one pair of shoes that seems to check off everything you need & love it’s hard to put them away! Which means at the first […]

Burgundy Shift Dress

I think, maybe, that I’ve gotten all my complaining about summer being over out of my system. Now I’m just into reluctant acceptance and letting my love of beanies & blanket scarves carry me through until I see the sun again. I’m drinking hot chocolate as I write today’s post so it’s really not all […]

Satin Cami For Fall Layering

It looks like summer weather is officially ending up here in the pacific northwest so it’s time to start re-organizing my closet. That doesn’t mean all my warm weather pieces need to get put away though! One of my favorite parts of putting together outfits for Fall is getting to play with layers. While jackets […]

Save vs. Splurge-Fall Shoes

We’re getting fully into fall which means it’s time to put away the sandals and pull out the boots! (I say that like I don’t wear booties year-round lol) BUT whether or not you can save or splurge this year, I’ve got you covered with options. As you’re figuring out which fall shoes you’ll need […]

Beige Knit Cardigan & Burgundy Booties

Cardigans are one of my favorite parts of starting to transition my wardrobe. They’re just so fun to play with layering in different ways. I especially love how comfy a good knit can be, and anything that lets me combine cuddly comfort and style is automatically going to become a go-to piece. This beige knit […]

Lace Romper: For Your End Of Summer Events

As summer is winding down, there’s an influx of outdoor events. People wanting one last time on the water, one last pool party before school starts, BBQ’s for labor day weekend. Basically we want to soak up the sun before it’s gone. That means we all need something fun to wear that keeps the summer […]

Friday Favorites-August 2017

It’s the last Friday of the month which means it’s time for some August favorites!! This month is always my favorite time of the year. It’s warm, it’s sunny, and best of all-it’s time for my birthday 🙂 (the 30th so we haven’t celebrated yet, don’t worry!) While baseball isn’t on this list, I have been watching it a […]

Summer Styling With JORD Wood Watches(+ GIVEAWAY!!)

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ve probably noticed I’m not a big jewelry person. It’s mostly that I just find the metal jarring against my outfits. That’s why I absolutely fell in love with JORD Wood Watches the first time I saw them. The natural wood look is the perfect complement to my […]

Grey and White Stripes

I’ve really gotten into wearing white this summer. As the weather starts to cool though I’ve been trying to decide if I was going to slowly phase it out or find a way to transition the color into fall. Recently I was helping my mom clean out her closet when I found this dress and […]