The Do-It-All Packable Throw Blanket I’m Loving This Winter

Last week it was SO. FREAKING. COLD. that nothing happened on our property. Instead of being mad, I took it as a chance to take the pups back out for another adventure. (okay I was definitely still mad).

I also took it as an opportunity to try out the new packable throw I’d picked up recently. Knowing how much time I will be spending ‘outdoors’ this Winter as the house gets built. After wandering around we settled in our future dining room (I think๐Ÿ˜…) and snuggled for a bit thinking all about what it was going to be like in a year or so.

I’d actually been looking for some sort of outdoor blanket for a while but nothing I found was really right. Until I found this Eddie Bauer throw.

It’s not really soft like a cozy indoors blanket. But the purpose is simply warmth and weather protection and it definitely handles that well. First off it was big enough to handle all three of us using it as a picnic type blanket. Now my dogs are very large, and also completely sure they’re lap dogs, so we don’t take up too much space when all together. That size also means it’s plenty big enough to cover myself, or a Tina, if we need protection from the weather.

Which brings up the second point, it’s definitely going to handle the outdoors. Because it’s a slick polyester material it blocks wind and keeps dirt/water out. Two things of vital importance for time spent outside. I got the bottom blanket pretty dirty from laying it on the ground and sitting on it with my boots but when it was time to go a few shakes and all the dirt fell right off. It also repels water so rain isn’t going to leave it or you soaked.

And finally one of the issues with blankets can be the hassle of carrying it around and storing it. Neither of those being a problem because it comes with a carrying bag. The blanket squishes down really really easy but the material makes it a little hard to stay rolled up as you try to put it in the bag. I have been able to do it by myself but having a second pair of hands makes it way easier.


Now I know most people aren’t going to need a throw like this for the reasons I do this year. There’s still a bunch of other great uses for it though. Nearby my rental is a massive complex with like 5 soccer fields and every weeknight it is PACKED with families and kids. This would be soo good for those days when you’re sitting on the sideline or trying to keep your other kids entertained.

We’re also probably going to use these throws at the last few college football games we’ve got on the schedule. The carrying bag won’t work for that but the blanket would pack really nicely into the clear bags we do take to the stadiums. (You can see the exact one I use in this post)

Even for trips into the mountains, sledding & skiing & all those snow related things, it would be nice to have a blanket like this that can both keep you warm and survive all the snow and mud.

Well, I didn’t plan on writing 500+ words about a blanket…Apparently I take my quest to never ever be cold, ever, very seriously.๐Ÿ˜‚ Let me know in the comments if you have the same vendetta against Winter!



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  1. Luci wrote:

    That looks like a really nice blanket and easy to tot around.

    Published 11.5.19