One Shoulder White Tops

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I wore this one shoulder white top the other day when I was exploring St. Louis and then taking an Amtrak up to Illinois. It was the perfect casual shirt to keep me cool in both heat and style! I’ve talked before about how a plain white tee is a classic, go-to kind of look, but there’s also a time to trend it up a bit. Luckily that seems to be an agreement because there’s a ton of options so you can find the flair that’s perfect for you and your style!

That’s one thing I’ve always been adamant about when it comes to my own wardrobe. If I don’t like something, even if it’s the “IT” thing, I won’t go for it. I’m very big on your style being your own and not about following trends just to follow them. This year I seem to be in love with everything that’s big which makes it easier but I know other season’s won’t be the same. So I’ll just enjoy this summer and the ease of finding clothes for now!

The white one shoulder top I have on in the pics isn’t available online anymore but I found others that have the same classic, casual, and still fun style!

Leith Puff Short Sleeve

Topshop Long Sleeve

J.Crew Eyelet Ruffle

Madewell Ruffle Cutout 

Chelsea28 Double Ruffle

BP. Tank Top


Some other details from my outfit in the pics:

High-Waist Light Wash Denim Shorts -I tend to go for darker washes but having a good light wash around comes in handy!

Blue Aviator Sunglasses -I want my aviators with a very colorful, very mirrored lens! Not sure why, but considering how much I wear mine it’s definitely a thing.

Blush Adidas -I have these shoes in just about every color at this point but I seriously cannot stress enough how perfect they are for nearly every casual occasion. They go with everything and can be worn comfortably all day!


If you follow my Insta or Twitter then you’ve been hearing all about the yard work I’ve been doing over the weekend. I’ve been doing projects around the house with my dad since I was itty bitty and it’s taught me such important…and weird…lessons growing up. If you need someone to build a fence or crawl around an attic to wire internet, I’m your girl! Although my technique was lacking while hauling bricks around, a nice soak in the hot tub at night has helped with the soreness lol.



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