One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

I wasn’t sure this dress would be for me when I tried it on but I’m a sucker for bright colors. While I’m not generally a ruffle dress kind of person, ruffles of any kind are EVERYWHERE this year so I decided to give it a chance. This dress is a beautiful mix of fun and classy and I know there will be events this summer that I will be very glad to have it!

Clearly from previous blog posts of mine you can tell that Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop. I also love finding things on sale which makes Nordstrom Rack ideal. If you pay attention, every so often their ‘Clear The Rack’ sale will pop, meaning you can get the already discounted clothes on sale for even more! At a recent sale my final price for 5 items was like what I normally spend on one, maybe two pieces at Nordstrom. I was almost laughing at the discounts when I was checking out because I was getting such a good deal!

This dress is luckily still in stock online so you all can still get it which is awesome. Unfortunately it’s not on super sale like when I picked it up but because it’s Nordstrom Rack it’s still only $70.  The dress also comes in other colors but all of the options are selling out quickly. Check it out here.

Like I said before my favorite part of this dress is the mix of the colors! Not only does it make it pop but it makes it super easy to find accessories. You can wear just about any color shoes but I opted for my nude lace up Sam Edelman heels. I would live in those if I could. It doesn’t make sense how a heel that high can be sooo comfortable! They’re currently available at DSW and also available in black.


We’ve had a few sunny days in a row which means I got to pull out our patio furniture. The dogs LOVE being able to run around in the backyard with us outside with them. They also love then crashing  in the shade where we have our furniture and new fire pit set up. I’m currently writing this post outside and trying to beat the countdown of my laptop battery running out of juice lol. It’s such a nice set up. I’m totally spoiled getting to claim the outdoors as my office right now!



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