Nude Block-Heel Sandals for Spring


Sam Edelman can do no wrong this year. Their shoes are EVERYWHERE and for good reason; they have the perfect balance of style and comfort. These nude strappy sandals are definitely going to be one of my most-worn pair of shoes this summer!

Recently I had a shoe disaster with a pair of stacked-heel sandals that I had worn all the time last year. When I pulled them out a few weeks ago I put them on for a day of errands and they completely tore up my feet 🙁 I was so disappointed because I didn’t think I was going to be able to find anything to take its place. After what felt like a million trips to DSW these babes showed up one day and answered all of my prayers. I actually ended up having to order them because they only had black in my size. Then I proceeded to track the shipment everyday out of sheer excitement and impatience lol

I really love the simplicity of the design for this sandal. It’s strappy but basic and it doesn’t try to be anything more than that. Simple sandals will always be a needed part of your wardrobe! Not everything has to be a statement.

One of the best things about this pair of sandals is the how big the block heel is! I tend to pick shoes with high-ish heels so walking in them has become natural, but the width and height of this one honestly feels like walking in a flat. Every pair of Sam Edelman shoes I’ve owned has had the same incredible comfort.

I know people have a tendency to shy away from Sam Edelman because of the cost but now that DSW carries some of the styles you can find them at a very manageable price point. These exact sandals are currently $69.99 and because they are a nude/cork combo they’ll go with just about anything you’ll be wearing this summer!



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  1. Crystal wrote:

    These are super cute and the timing of the post was great! I was just looking at a pair, trying to figure out how to wear them! 🙂

    Published 5.1.17
  2. Emily wrote:

    I love those sandals! I need a neutral sandal for the summer and this one might just fit the bill. Thanks for sharing!

    Published 5.1.17
  3. How cute are those sandals?!? Not just cute, but so versatile, they would go with just about anything from shorts to dresses of all lengths. Thanks for sharing this terrific find!

    Published 5.1.17