November Favorites 2017

November is ending and honestly, where did this year go?! Things are so busy this time of year that once I sat down to figure out what my favorite things were this month, it was actually really difficult. So I decided to go with a group of things that aren’t just fun, but actually useful.

1. Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday is a tradition for my family. Now that it’s been dragged out to last for like a week I’ve been drowning in packages and shopping bags this last week. My big hauls this year were for new Christmas decorations & stocking up on winter clothes. But there are still a TON of sales going on if you did miss out. I recommend checking out Amazon’s Cyber Week deals or Best Buy’s.

2. Humidifier

My outdoor allergies are terrible year-round, but Winter is especially difficult with the cold air drying everything out at the same time. I first got a humidifier to try to help last year and it made SUCH a big difference! Even if you don’t have allergy problems, it works incredibly for dry skin & lips. I love this Honeywell one because it’s specifically a warm moisture.

 3. Hot Tools Curling Iron

I tend to switch between curling & straightening my hair but with all the holiday events going on my curling iron has been getting its work in. I’ve been using this Hot Tools curling iron for a while now after spending years fighting my hair to ever hold a curl. That also means it’s seen my hair at different lengths. I like having those different barrel sizes to handle whatever cut or style I throw at it!

4. Cake In A Cup

This ‘Cake In A Cup’ has been a family go-to for holiday gifts for years & years now. So if you’re struggling to figure out what to get the teachers/workers/anyone really in your life than you definitely need to check out this post!

5. November Favorites 2017 Playlist

Justice League was an alright movie, but the opening scene is one of my all time favorite cinematic moments!! I’ve had ‘Everybody Knows’ on repeat ever since I got home from the theater.


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  1. Shannon wrote:

    I need to buy a curling iron! I only have a crimper, which I love, but don’t even own a curling iron!

    Published 12.6.17
  2. Kim wrote:

    Love cake in a cup! I used to make them often in college, and make them when the kiddo wants a sweet treat lol.

    Published 12.7.17
  3. Ashton wrote:

    Such a great blog

    Published 12.21.17