New Balance Cross Training Shoes & Turning The Dining Room Into A Gym

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I find myself getting frustrated and grumpy, quite easily lately, as I deal with a temporary living situation that isn’t ideal. The reality is that although it’s not perfect I’m extremely lucky to be in a rental house and I just keep needing to remind myself of everything good that I do have. Also it’s temporary! Even with living out of boxes and making weekly trips down to the storage units to find what new thing we’ve realized we need or lost😬

When we moved to Spokane earlier this year it was planned. In the sense that we were selling a house back in the Seattle area and had property in Spokane that we would be heading to. We did NOT expect the house to sell in the first weekend and have a 30 day close! The Spokane rental market is crazy right now and with two large dogs a house was a necessity. An apartment would have been a disaster and this would be a post about me having a breakdown instead lol. But the same week our house sold we managed to find a potential rental online, drove across the state to check it out and agreed to a lease that day. We got SO lucky finding a house that not only had a yard, but also had enough rooms that I was still able to have a separate bedroom & office, and most importantly space to turn the ‘dining room’ into a gym.

Luckily there’s a separate living room and a small eating area next to the kitchen. Which means the dining room is now repurposed into a gym I’m not sure how exactly the movers managed to get an elliptical and treadmill into the room, still leaving enough empty space for weights & everything else…but I’ll take it. Enough of our stuff is living in storage so I would have been irritated to not have access to all of this once the snow starts really falling and outdoors isn’t an option.

The house were currently in is probably half the size of the one we moved out of, and definitely wayy smaller than what our permanent housing situation will be in the future. (Friday’s post will be the big news all about that!!) For now though, it’s just a cycle of quick frustrations and reminders to be grateful for everything we do have now💕. Even if it means Tina thinks floor work is actually cuddle time and Corey thinks the yoga mat is actually just another dog bed…

Okay now moving on to my new shoes that I just found and love love LOVE for cross training & indoor work outs!!

I have weird issues when it comes to wearing shoes when working out which I like to believe stems from the fact that I was a gymnast from ages 3-12 and therefore did not know shoes were involved with exercise🤷‍♀️ Then I switched to competitive cheer which did involve shoes, but they were like the thinnest, lightest things ever. So that’s what I like when it comes to shoes I’m going to wear for most work outs. I don’t want there to be any weight or restrictions on my feet.

I find that it’s pretty easy for me to try a shoe on and know immediately if it’s right or not. A recent trip to DSW had me going through a mountain of different styles until I slipped these on and IMMEDIATELY was like yep that’s it, and proceeded to wander around the store in disbelief of just HOW comfortable this New Balance pair was!!! Now when a shoe has a tag on it that says “I’m so comfortable” I tend to be skeptical but man this one is confident for a reason. It has a memory foam sole so any impact is absorbed(my biggest treadmill issue!) and a mesh top so there’s no weird rubbing or toe squishing.

Also, and maybe this is just a me issue, but SO many of the exercise & running shoes that work for me are the WEIRDEST colors?! It’s so annoying to find the perfect shoes and then find out they only come in a mix of hot coral and lime yellow. Shout out to my half marathon shoes from a couple years ago😂😂 I’m very glad this pair comes in black & white because I can work with that!! And the pink matches most of my wardrobe but even then at least it’s just a tiny bit.

Does anyone else have this same problem?? Let me know in the comments what the weirdest/best shoe color you’ve ended up with!



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