Neon Coral + Downtown Greenville


Figuring out what to wear to weddings is always a challenge-but when its your brother and he only gives you 6 weeks notice with no information except a date and a city, it takes on a whole new level of complicated.




How cool are these!!! Called “Starry Night” these wedding rings are made out of a mix of oxidized and unoxidized silver. Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on something ‘traditional’ to make it perfect for you.

Luckily I had picked up this dress a few weeks earlier because it was on sale and it ended up being perfect. Seriously I had no clue when I was going to wear it when I got it but some things are meant to be! The Urban Expressions white clutch has become one of my favorites because it can dress up or down whatever outfit it’s going with. And I’m all for the block heel trend this spring, especially with the way I always end up running around. The nude Sam Edelman shoes were a must for me this spring.

The location of the wedding and these pictures is Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville, South Carolina. It was absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. I could have spent days shooting there, it’s so pretty and peaceful. But the ground and stairs are very uneven and getting to some of the places takes a little hopping on/over rocks so be really careful in any kind of heel!

After the wedding we drove 5 minutes to get to the heart of downtown where we had dinner at Sushi Go. Here’s the link to their website if you’re like me and have to look at a menu before eating anywhere. The food was incredible, we tried so many rolls, and the staff was super friendly. It didn’t open until 5 so I of course used what my family likes to call my ‘Starbucks Radar’ and wandered off to get something to drink while we were waiting. If you’re looking for an alternative to coffee definitely try the Peach Green Tea Lemonade!! It’s one of my favorite summer drinks and I’m always excited when it comes back.

I really wish I’d had more time to spend in Greenville. I need to plan a trip to see all of the cities in North and South Carolina that I want to explore. Being a west coast girl means that’s not part of the country I ever really go to, but hey I’ve got a brother over there to be my excuse!


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