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I’ve been ready for Avengers: Endgame since the moment I walked out of the theater after Infinity War. I’ve seen all the Marvel movies, loved most of them, and watched a couple so many times I can quote them scene for scene. From the first Avengers on I’ve gone to see them all in theater, usually opening weekends/nights. We own close to 1,000 movies now and the Marvel one’s are all *must buy immediately* and then watch over and over again.
But I’ve never taken the time to order them. I didn’t want to. They’re all so unique and picking favorites seemed impossible. With the end of an era though(I can’t wait to cry for three hours this weekend!), I decided it was time.
We can totally fight about these in the comments but based on my own feelings and experiences, here are my MCU rankings:

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21. The Incredible Hulk

The fact that everyone just pretends this movie doesn’t exist kind of speaks for itself lol. I watched it on tv once but it’s also the only one I don’t own…

20. Iron Man 2

I, uh, barely even remember what happened and whereas I’ve seen most of this list multiple times I have no desire to watch this again to figure it out

19. Thor: The Dark World

I enjoyed this more than a lot of people, doesn’t mean it was very good though lol

18. Iron Man 3

More fun than I expected because Iron Man has never really done it for me but still….not great

17. Guardians Of The Galaxy vol. 2

I had my hopes up super high, which is where I went wrong. Expecting it to live up to the first one just set me up for disappointment. Good music though!!

16. Spiderman: Homecoming

My issue with this one isn’t the movie itself, it’s fun & okay, but I’m suffering from major Spiderman fatigue. Even Zendaya couldn’t save it, let alone figuring out who the heck is playing spiderman this time (sorry Tom Holland this isn’t your fault!!)

15. Ant-Man & The Wasp

14. Ant-Man

The Ant-man movies are together because they’re pretty much the same in my mind. WAY better than I expected but still simple & not really special compared to a lot of the MCU

13. Captain America: Civil War

🎵Why can’t we be friends, why can’t we be friends🎵 One of the best fight scenes in the whole MCU!

12. Iron Man

I’ve got a soft spot for all the origin stories but I’ve just never been that attached to any of the Iron Man movies. RDJ was perfect to set up the whole universe though, lots of respect for the way he carried it!

11. Doctor Strange

I just remember being blown away by the visuals when I first saw this in the theater. For a character that I knew nothing about, and is pretty different, this is actually a really interesting and fun movie. Go Benedict Cumberbatch!

10. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

I know people hated this one but I liked it! The interaction between the characters, in ways that aren’t just fight scenes, are always some of the most wholesome and entertaining bits. Plus this movie was really really important for setting up the next phase.

9. Guardians Of The Galaxy

I wasn’t really excited for this one and uhh, I was totally wrong. The music’s amazing, the story is unique, and the characters are a blast. I may have shed a tear or two for Groot🤫

8. Thor

Hello Tom Hiddleston, nice to meet you. Treating this like a fun weird Shakespearian tragicomedy is a choice that feels like was made for me, and me specifically. It worked.

7. Captain Marvel

Girl Power!! I was going to be on board with this no matter what so it’s good that they knocked it out of the park. Some weird music choices, but we’ll let it go. Brie Larson is amazing and perfect.

6. Captain America: The First Avenger

This movie was just a perfect set up for what was to come. It was sweet and fun and powerful. And it kicked off how you could tell all these stories correctly while still being able to lead them into a shared universe.

5. Avengers: Infinity War

By this point I was soo hooked on the MCU, which is why I was SUPER nervous for this movie. I just didn’t think you’d be able to do all the characters justice and to tell a coherent story with them. They figured it out though and made one of the greatest superhero movies ever. The screenwriting and script deserve so much love.

4. Black Panther

This is so much more than an action movie and what they achieved with it, both in the story and in the way it impacted the real world, is something I don’t know that we’ll ever see again. Taking away my ~personal feelings for rankings~ this is easily the best movie in the MCU. And the most important.

3. Thor: Ragnarok

Completely changing the tone and character after they’ve already been around for like 5 movies is a choice but one that totally and completely pays off. This is the movie I probably had the most fun watching, and definitely made me laugh the most.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

To me, this is the movie that cemented taking a new step with the MCU. The first phase was great, and the origin stories were exactly what they needed to be, but Winter Soldier turned them into great movies even outside of the ~superhero~ genre.

1. The Avengers

This is just the perfect movie. It showed how bringing these characters all together wasn’t just going to be possible, but was going to make them all better. It’s a great movie that truly made the MCU what it is. I’ve watched this one an embarrassing amount of times. When I go to bed every night I have to put something on TV to fall asleep to that’s the perfect mix of familiar and ~not annoying~……which means I fall asleep to this movie at least a few times a month still, 7 years later. I can quote it, picture it, dream about it, it’s the ultimate Marvel movie. And that’s why it’s the best.



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