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Oh boy do we have a lot to cover today!

Before we get in to all the craziness of the next few weeks I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you!! I was just accepted into RewardStyle/LikeToKnowIt which doesn’t happen without you!! Thank you for following along on here, and on social media, to make this happen!

I’m SUPER excited for how much easier this is going to make things for you! While nothing is going to change much here on Carefree & Coffee, everything will still be linked, shopping my Insta is going to be WAY better.

How To Use LikeToKnowIt:

If you’re on a computer you can just go to But it’s really not a great way to use it because it’s just not built for anything other than mobile.

Pull out your phone and if you haven’t already, go to your app store & search Then download the app that looks like this-

Next you’ll quickly be able to create an account and start following all your favorite bloggers/influencers! It uses our insta handles so to find me search for ‘alisonsteck’ and then follow!! You’ll have a feed in the app where pics will be shown of who you follow(just like insta) but when you click on a picture you’ll end up on a page where we’ve linked ALL the outfit details. Also if you like a picture in the app, you’ll get an email sent to you with the details too. I love keeping a folder in my email of all the outfits I’ve liked so I can easily refer to it when I’m on a computer!

Once you have the app set up you can also ‘shop the look‘ by screenshotting the picture while in Insta. All of the information will be sent to your account and you can go through it later once your done with on Instagram.

One of the cool things about the app is I can upload multiple outfits & pictures that I wouldn’t necessarily put on Insta. Things like try-ons and ~different ways to wear~ are much easier to do on a platform like! And again, it makes it MUCH easier for you too!

Okay now let’s get to what EVERYONE is talking about coming up…..

#NSale Prep:

This has become like everyone’s favorite time of the year. Which speaks to how well Nordstrom is moving forward with the times as you see soo many other companies struggling.

The #NSale is now a blogger & fashion-lover classic. It’s such a simple idea! Instead of waiting until the season is over to put the clothes on sale, why not do it first when people are actually going to be able to wear them?! While there is clothing for all seasons on sale, I’m definitely of the mindset to use it as a way to get my wardrobe prepared for Fall & Winter. We’ll get into all the best ways to shop it a little later but first let’s talk important details.

The very first people are shopping it in stores today. I am definitely not cool enough for that though so my first post will be when the sale goes online July 11 @ 9:30am pt/12:30pm et. I have gotten a sneak peak at what’s on sale which means my first impression & immediate picks will be live #ontheblog at that exact time! Then throughout the sale I’ll have a TON of posts breaking it all down by categories, pricing, and whatever YOU want to see! Make sure to leave comments if there’s something you’d like to see picks from. I’ll definitely be doing Fall/Winter stuff, athleisure, and some under $50 picks, but please let me know what you would find the most helpful!

I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to follow along so you don’t miss anything which is why I’ve created an entire page dedicated to the sale! This page will have a masterlist linking to EVERY post I make. I recommend bookmarking the page for easiest access!

You can find my #NSale page at
It’s on the top menu of my site so you can still go to the homepage & see posts in chronological order as well.


#NSale Shopping Tips:

I recommend doing a look through of your wardrobe before hitting the sale. It’s a great time to both stock up on some staples and get ready for the colder months, but it’s nice to know what you already have and what you need.

My personal go-to’s for the sale are jackets & sweaters. Those are things I KNOW I’m going to wear a ton of and will definitely appreciate the discounts on. Boots are another REALLY popular buy. Both weather-related ones like Hunter rainboots that are always part of the sale, and more ~trendy~ finds like booties & knee-high boots. These are usually items that sell out FAST so if you’re interested it’s not something to wait on!

I also love stocking up on staple items like tee’s, long sleeve shirts, and jeans. There’s always a really big selection of jeans on sale, including some really great brands like Paige & AG. If you’ve wanted to try those but have been scared away by the price, now is the time! Don’t worry, there will be options at all price points though.

Last year Nordstrom didn’t do much restocking during the sale, and things sell out really quickly, so keep in mind as your shopping that waiting around to ‘think about it‘ isn’t always a great strategy.

Okay. I think that’s all I have for you for now on this but again let me know if you have questions or anything you’d like to see!

Amazon Prime Day:

In the middle of all of this, we have one of my other favorite shopping events: Amazon Prime Day. My family first joined Prime in 1999 (perks of living in Seattle!). Basically Amazon has been a part of our lives forever.

Prime Day deals are generally ‘opened’ at certain times which means you kind of have to keep an eye on the site throughout the two days. And yes, it is two days this year which will hopefully help with the whole crashing problem they always seem to have. Or maybe we all just like shopping too much!

Another way they’re trying to avoid that is having a special concert & ‘prime membership’ event on the 10th in case you want to join before the sale begins.

I’ll have a post go live shortly after the sale starts on July 15th @ 12am pt/3am et. Then I’ll keep updating it throughout the two days. Previous Prime Days have been kind of a hodge-podge of items so I don’t have many recommendations of items to be looking for. But I’ll scope it out and find all the best deals & items I can for you!

Wow. That’s a lot of stuff to talk about! But I think I’ve covered it all for what the next few weeks will be like. Make sure to check out & save my special #NSale 2019 page and let me in the comments of either this post or that page if you have any questions about everything going on!


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