Let’s Have A Tea-Riffic Week

I’ve spent most of the last few weeks either in a car or in front on my computer. Both of which don’t really involve needing to get dressed so I’ve been taking FULL advantage of the comfort part of my wardrobe.

Even if it is just changing from one pair of adidas pants to a slightly different color of the same pants (why do I only have them in black & charcoal grey?!) there is something about putting on a new outfit that get’s you ready for a new day. I think anyone that is self-employed or works from home learns that productivity lesson early on!

I’ve also slowly expanded my bra collection to entail more & more bralettes and cozy sports bras. I’m the kind of person that HAS to be wearing a bra, but the kind is getting more and more relaxed😂 I wear my white one ALL the time!! In fact it’s getting a little too loved to survive much longer.

The other day I was killing time in a ROSS (isn’t shopping how we all kill time….) and found what I’d been searching for FOREVER. Or like, all Spring. Same thing. Here’s the story:
After coffee in the morning my beverage options are pretty limited because I don’t love carbonation and we don’t really keep juice or anything in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I like water more than most, but sometimes you just need something else.

When Teavana stores all went out of business over the Winter I did some major sale shopping. But in the move and the fact that most of what was available were ‘Spring’ teas I forgot about it until we had fully settles in our rental. Now I make myself home brewed loose-leaf ice tea ALL THE TIME! It’s amazing. I had no cups to drink it in though, and a fridge with no ice maker😬 Tragic.

Until ROSS saved the day! They had the perfect sized set of plastic cups that I now use every single day. They’re clear which I prefer but the bottoms are different colors so I still get my cutesy uniqueness. And the colors of the cup MATCH the colors of the set of reusable ice cubes I found. Isn’t it just a great moment when you find EXACTLY what you need at stores like that😍




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