Lace & Nude Accessories For A Summer Wedding

I have spent all of this week trying to get caught back up on what feels like every part of my life😅 Taking a weekend off of social media, e-mail, blogging, it all adds up so so quickly! But the hours I spent this week getting back on track was so worth it because last weekend my cousin got married!! Weddings are always fun but family weddings are just an extra layer of special. This was the first big wedding for a ‘grandkid’ so it’s been the subject of a lot of holidays and get togethers over the last year.

That also meant I needed to do some shopping. I guess the good thing about moving was I had to pack and then unpack ALL of my clothes. I found things I hadn’t seen in years lol but I also realized I didn’t really have anything for an outdoor summer wedding.

Some wedding guest dress trends have exploded in the last few years and I’m definitely loving all the lace! Combining that with the midi trend is a must for me because I cannot do maxi/full-length. Idk how shorter girls pull it off. And finally, I knew I wanted a pastel color for Summer. Luckily there’s like a TON of options that meet all those requirements so I ended up finding a dress on my first try. Generally when I ‘need’ a dress for something it involves at least 5 trips, a few tears, and a last minute miracle.

That’s why I found a few lace dress options at various price points for you!

Nude accessories are my go to since I don’t really need them often enough to justify having multiple colors & options. I do have a few different clutches but at weddings I really love having a clutch-wallet combo. It keeps me to the basics ~phone, credit card, id, & lip gloss~ without feeling like I’m lugging a bag around.

Since I had to travel across the state for the wedding, and knowing there was a dinner the night before, nude heels were an easy pick since they go with everything. Pro Tip: block heels are THE BEST for outdoor weddings!! I was all over the grass and wandering around with ease.

How many weddings do you have this Summer? Or are you the one getting married?!! Let me know in the comments!



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