Instagram Round Up May 2019

It’s been so so good getting back into both blogging and Instagram!! I never really wanted to let it go but a short break spiraled as life got in the way. Now getting back into a routine is making me feel more & more settled!

I figured it would be a good time to do an outfit recap in case you’ve missed anything as the IG algorithm is getting used to me being back😉

Also I’ve been making the Spokane to Seattle, Seattle to Spokane drive every Thursday & Friday which makes these Friday posts hard for a couple more weeks😂😂

polka dots & oversized sweaters

I’ve gotten SO many comments & questions on these polka dot leggings. They’re like the most comfortable things ever AND they were made to double as like, real pants. My only concern right now is how I keep wearing them when it’s 80 degrees outside.
Check out the blog post for this entire outfit!

How cute is this area!! Downtown Spokane is super cute and fun and I can’t wait to show you all more of it. There’s too much I want to explore right now!
You can’t really see in this picture but I’m wearing the BEST pair of sandals. I’ve had them for years and wear them to actually walk around in the summer all the time. I have them in nude so they go with everything but my mom has them in multiple colors. She’s the pickiest person ever when it comes to shoes so her comfort approval is huge.

Cami, tote, wedges: the summer uniform! I’m so glad coral is one of the big colors of the year because boy oh boy do I have a lot of it. White denim is becoming a spring staple for me as well!

I’m loving the outdoor life and that means updating my wardrobe with some athleisure pieces that can transition well from ‘running to running errands‘. I got this jacket at Charlotte Russe for like $8 when the stores were having their closing sale. I found some similar options to link but it’s quickly becoming a most worn item this Spring!!

I’m never ever going to stop stockpiling black & white sweaters. At this point I think like 75% of everything I own is black & white. But hey! Purple sunnies and blush shoes can make it fun.

If you haven’t hopped on the Coated Denim train yet, why not??!

yellow gingham shorts

color-block activewear

Whether it’s workout wear or gingham shorts, apparently I’m super into yellow this year💛



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