I Moved!!!

I live in Spokane, Washington now!!!

You never realize just how weird some of the stuff you own is until you’re desperately trying to pack it all up in 2 weeks to move to the other side of the state. Turns out, there’s A LOT that doesn’t just fit in a box?? And also, you have a bear that weighs a literal ton, is bigger than you, and needs to survive a trip through a mountain range….have fun!!

Moving to Spokane has been in our *future* plans for a while, but it was in a vague someday kind of way. We bought land a few years ago and though we were still a bit away from starting to build a house on it. Then all of a sudden it wasn’t a few years from now and the things that needed to happen before we moved happened right away, and we met with a real estate agent right after Christmas to start getting our house on the market.

It was like once we knew the move was happening, we just wanted it to be over. I was ready from the first of the year to already be in Spokane and starting this new chapter. But I was so scared that I wanted it so much that the house wouldn’t sell and I’d be miserable feeling trapped in Seattle.

That was all stupid lol. Because literally the opposite happened.

Our house went live on a Thursday, had open houses Saturday & Sunday, and was sold by Monday. To people who wanted to move in ASAP!!

Three weeks exactly after it sold, there was a moving truck in our cul-de-sac and we were gone.

We’ve been in Spokane for close to a month now. Though the first few weeks was nothing but getting unpacked and trying to get the dogs settled in a new place. I’m so proud of how well my pups handled everything. The drive over, the new house, the new parks. They’ve just gone with the flow and made our lives so easy. Everyone may say it, but I do actually have the ~best~ doggies in the world.

I’m already in love with everything about Spokane- from unending outdoor adventures, to the awesome downtown area, and ~fingers crossed~ breaking ground on our new house soon.

All of this means I finally have life in a place where I’m ready to take Carefree & Coffee to the next level. So keep an eye out for posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Weekend gRound Up on Saturdays!! There’ll be some fashion, some lifestyle, and a lot of Spokane/Travel adventures.

p.s. if you have any Spokane tips or bloggers leave them in the comments!! Help me turn this new city into a home😄



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